Google Launches New Budget-Friendly Cloud Storage Service


Google has launched a new budget-friendly cloud storage service. As reported by The Verge, Google One’s cheapest plan offers 100GB of cloud storage for just $2 per month. The Mountain View company’s new cloud service also offers 200GB of storage for $3 per month or 2TB of storage for $10 per month.

So, what is Google One exactly? Google says it’s shutting down its Google Drive cloud storage service and relaunching it under the Google One brand name. Aside from this nomenclature nuance, however, Google One is being updated with new features and cheaper prices. Google originally offered 2TB of storage space for $19.99 per month through Google Drive. Under Google One, this same service costs half the price.

Google is eliminating the 1TB storage plan that it previously offered through Google Drive. Subscribers to this plan will be automatically upgraded to Google One’s 2TB plan at no additional charge.

One of the greatest features of Google One is free 24-hour access to customer support. Users can reach out to Google via phone, email or online chat for assistant. Previously, 24-hour customer support was restricted to enterprise users of Google Drive. Now, however, all paid subscribers of Google’s newly rebranded cloud storage offering can take advantage of this feature. Even if a user has the $2 per month plan, he or she can still access Google’s unparalleled customer support.

Furthermore, Google One users can share their cloud storage service with up to five family members, all of whom can also access Google’s 24-hour customer support.

Of course, Google One comes with 15GB of free storage space. Once a user reaches this limit, he or she may elect to upgrade to a premium subscription. Alternatively, users can delete or transfer data off the cloud so that they can upload new data. At 15GB, users can store about 5,000 high-resolution photos. Storing videos, however, will require additional storage space.

Millions of people use cloud services like Google One to store their data. It’s a great way to save space on local devices while ensuring that you can access your data anywhere, anytime. And thanks to Google Now, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a dependable and secure cloud storage service.


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