Faraday FF 91 nearing delivery, CEO says in leaked email


Faraday – the ‘Electric Vehicle of the Future’ according to experts – has made waves in the news cycle after an internal email sent by the CEO, Jia Yueting, leaked to the public.

In a supportive and empowering email to the company’s employees, Yueting explained that the delivery of the FF 91 – Faraday Future’s production vehicle – is drawing near. He also asserted that this vehicle will truly redefine mobility as we know and understand it, as the Faraday Future electric vehicle will allow drivers to “live, move and breathe more freely.” The company is embracing the challenges that it has overcome as well as getting ready to celebrate its successes.

As Coolcar Times found on Medium, the internal culture and support from Faraday Future within its employee base is at an all-time high. Here is a (leaked) paragraph from the latest employee email:

From the beginning, we have never wavered in the face of oppositions, doubts and misunderstandings. As Faraday Futurists, we believe that as long as we can ignite the dreams of others, our journey will go on to benefit of society as a whole.

The email goes on to explain that the FF 91 symbolizes exactly what it means to do things differently. It breaks the boundaries that were constrained to the company and shatters the traits of the electric vehicle industry.

Within the company, employees lead the way and drive innovation in all facets of the company. From the top down, they bring forward-thinking, future-focused thought to the forefront of the business in each and every move that the company makes. This email went to show how much of a priority employee success is for Faraday Future.

Faraday Future Leaked Employee Email

A claim written about the talent of the employees Faraday Future has secured was an intriguing addition to the email. Yueting explained that Faraday Future can become the leading electric vehicle company with the influx of talented workers coming from both the internet and the consumer electronics industries to work for the company. This, he writes, will make Faraday Future resoundingly different and unique among its competitors.

Like any vehicle manufacturer or startup, Faraday Future – dubbed the “Tesla killer” – has had its fair share of trials and tribulations. The company has been on the technology scene for four years now, performing plenty of twists, turns and sideways company moves.

However, 2018 is the year experts predict that the company will significantly disrupt the marketplace, paving its way to become the electric vehicle of the future. Some experts predict that the most impressive electric vehicle on the market in the next five years will come from Faraday Future.

In a short period of time, this company has been able to grow and make incredible progress. The competition in the marketplace has fueled it to be stronger, better and offer a more reliable, predictable solution compared to its competition.

The State of Electric Vehicles 

Sales of electric vehicles are skyrocketing globally, with consumers in the United States leading the way. Within the United States, electric vehicle sales were up about 40% in 2017 compared to 2016, with the majority of sales growth coming from newer vehicle models. Yet sales revenue and consumer/market interest aren’t reliant on the usual suspects of vehicle manufacturers. It is coming from new and innovative startup companies. 

In 2009, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act invested approximately $2.4 million USD in federal grants to help develop and support the electric vehicle industry. These efforts helped push the industry forward and – although it was not an astoundingly significant investment relatively speaking – it did help propel this industry to invest in itself and the future.

While this investment was relatively insignificant, it was a serious push toward cooperation between the government and electric vehicle companies, which should encourage greater innovation within the industry.

Looking back a few years, with an estimated 400,000 electric vehicles predicted to be sold in 2018, sales of electric cars have skyrocketed significantly compared to 2012.

Tesla topped the list of the best-selling electric vehicles in 2017. However, with the company delaying production goals for its new Tesla Model 3, room for competition, better solutions, and innovation is arising in the market. Now may be a perfect opportunity to look at rising electric vehicles companies to fill in the gap while Tesla struggles to accommodate the demand for its cars.

Further infrastructure developments are necessary to help the market transition away from gas-powered vehicles. Cities as well as highways need to adapt to electric vehicles in a much more significant way. This includes more charging stations, parking availability and moving away from the traditional form of car dealerships.

An Empowering Email Makes a Bold Prediction for the Future

The leaked email mentioned above shows that Faraday Future is in the electric car industry for the long haul. The road may be a long one, a challenging one, but one that will illicit passion and success for the company at-large. The email empowers employees to be part of such an electric vehicle dream. It also acknowledges that delivery of vehicles to customers is the priority for the company at the moment.

The first electric vehicles from Faraday Future will come in small batches – with 300 total deliveries expected this year. This is a solid start and a sign that the company is on the right path, because the initial delivery of vehicles is no small feat for any car manufacturer.

The first release of the Tesla Roadster was delivered in a much smaller batch. Just 27 vehicles were delivered by Tesla to customers in September 2008.

One thing is certain. The electric vehicle is here, and it’s here to stay. With companies like Faraday Future leading the way, drivers are in great hands knowing that remarkable innovation is upon us.

Experts and consumers alike will be watching Faraday Future intently, with great anticipation as to what lies ahead for the company.




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