Facebook Has A New Dating Feature


Mark Zuckerberg, who is the CEO of Facebook, recently stated that Facebook would soon have a dating app. Mark stated that this feature is going to help people find meaningful relationships. It is not for people who are just looking for a hookup.

This feature will match people with people that they are not friends with. People can also build their own dating profile, which their friends will not be able to see. Facebook dating will compete with other popular dating sites such as Match.com.

Facebook dating will most likely be a free service. The website has received a lot of negative press in recent months. Concerns have been raised about user safety. Facebook has been accused of leaking personal information without the knowledge or consent of the users. However, Mark stated that he plans to continue building the website, and they will continue to focus on consumer safety.

The dating feature will link people based on shared events and groups. Chris Cox is the chief product officer. He stated that this is similar to the way that people actually date. People typically form relationships based on shared interests. People will also be able to send people messages outside of Facebook.

There are 200 million people on Facebook who are listed as single. Mark stated that the fact that so many people on Facebook are single makes the feature a good one. Experts have stated that it is not surprising that Facebook is releasing a dating app. In the past, Dating sites have always relied on Facebook and other social media sites to market their services.

Nick Hayes is the senior analyst who works for Forrester, which is a research firm. He stated that it is unclear about what Facebook plans to do in order to manage user privacy for this dating app.


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