Bethesda Announces ‘Fallout 76’ Game


Grab your Pipboy because a new “Fallout” game is on the way. As reported by Forbes, Bethesda has officially announced the next installment in its popular post-apocalyptic franchise. After livestreaming a teaser trailer on Twitch for nearly an entire day, the Maryland-based video game company confirmed that it’s developing a new “Fallout” game.

Prior to this announcement, many gamers assumed that Bethesda was either going to release an existing “Fallout” game for the Nintendo Switch or release a remastered version of an existing “Fallout” game for all platforms. In fact, one Reddit user said he would drink an entire bottle of Tabasco sauce if the upcoming game wasn’t a remastered version of “Fallout 3.” He was wrong, however, and followed through with his promise by drinking a glass of hot sauce.

Unfortunately, Bethesda hasn’t revealed many details about the new game. The company says it’s titled “Fallout 76,” thereby leading many gamers to assume that it place in the franchise’s Vault 76. This Vault is referenced in both “Fallout 3” and “Fallout 4,” which describe it being one of the first survivor dwelling Vaults to be opened after the fictional nuclear war.

According to the franchise’s lore, Vault 76 opens just 20 years after the nuclear war. Therefore, “Fallout 76” may feature a more rugged and chaotic environment compared to its predecessors.

Although unconfirmed, some sources have said that “Fallout 76” will be an online game. If correct, this would be a radical change for the franchise as all previous installments have been single player. Since the original “Fallout” game was released for MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows more than two decades ago, all “Fallout” games have been limited to single player.

A multiplayer “Fallout” game certainly sounds promising, however. It would offer gamers a more dynamic, social experience. Some reports suggest that “Fallout 76” will feature similar mechanics as online survival games like “Rust” and “DayZ.” Furthermore, it will likely include the same base-building mechanics used in “Fallout 4.”

Bethesda is expected to announce more details about “Fallout 76” at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) on June 10. Whether “Fallout 76” is released this year or next, though, remains to be seen.


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