AvaTrade Review: What You Should Know Before You Start Trading

AvaTrade Review: Forex and CFDs Trader
AvaTrade Review: Forex and CFDs Trader

AvaTrade is a global multi-asset platform offering the ultimate freedom to traders all over the world. With more than 200,000 subscribers, it offers features for all levels of experience and trading volumes.

Like many other AvaTrade reviews have stated, AvaTrade’s reach extends to almost all continents. The trading platform is well-established in major European cities, but also reaches the Chinese and Japanese markets, as well as Nigeria, South Africa, and Chile. Through its collection of trading tools and solutions, AvaTrade offers access to potential traders from 150 countries, with full regulatory compliance in the European Union and other regions. AvaTrade, however, is closed to US-based traders.


AvaTrade is Technologically Advanced

One of the advantages of AvaTrade is the unique software solutions available for various levels of knowledge and experience. The trading software features valuable tools that retail for hundreds of dollars but are freely accessible with an AvaTrade subscription. AvaTrade offers various APIs, allowing knowledgeable users to automate trading at their discretion.

Manual trading platforms are also available. AvaTrade offers industry-standard tools, such as MetaTrader 4, a flexible platform for all users.

Popular forms of automated trading, Mirror Trade and Zulutrade, allow for copying the moves of prominent and successful traders with public profiles.

The platform allows for option trading, from Plain Vanilla options to OTC trading and spot trading for more than 30 currency pairs. Additionally, derivative products, ETFs, stock derivatives are also available as part of the traditional asset portfolio.


AvaTrade is Accessible

AvaTrade offers a low barrier to entry. Beyond the free demo accounts, a minimum of $100 is enough to start trading. Straightforward deposits are available through PayPal, NeTeller, Moneybookers, and WebMoney. Leverage is available with a maximum of 400:1, but comes with a warning of increased risks.

Newcomers are met with intuitive software, but in cases where issues arise, AvaTrade has a customer support desk in 12 languages.

The platform is available as a desktop application, and there are also mobile versions.


Secure Trading

AvaTrade only offers secure services and is a predictable partner to all traders. Registered in Ireland, the company is a subsidiary of a large conglomerate with a $17 billion market capitalization. The broker is entirely up-to-date with European regulations, ensuring the ultimate safety of trades and deposits.

Additionally, AvaTrade is committed to cyber security, hiring the best IT experts to comply with the latest standards and understand the challenges of finding novel security enhancements.


Educational Opportunities

Trading is a complex activity with frequent possibilities for errors. AvaTrade is committed to ensuring a smooth start to anyone; newcomers are directed to the platform’s educational tools of. Wrapped as the Sharp Trader Education Center, the wealth of information, courses and tools is free and available in multiple languages.

Relevant content includes market analysis, signals, forex signals, technical analysis, as well as a calendar of influential economic events.

As part of the educational package, AvaTrade offers specialized courses and webinars and tutorials with real-life demo trades.


AvaTrade has Competitive Fees

As a commitment to accessible trading, AvaTrade manages to keep fees competitive, and offer attractive spreads on currency pairs based on a recent review of AvaTrade. For the most common pair of USD/EUR, the fee is just $1.90. Additionaly, AvaTrade has zero fees for other trading-related activities.

AvaTrade has slightly wider spreads for Forex pairs, allowing the brokerage to make a profit.

As an additional bonus, newly registered traders have been offered welcome bonuses of varying sizes.


AvaTrade Offers Cryptocurrency Trading

In addition to forex pairs and stock derivatives, AvaTrade has expanded as an easy entry for those who wish to be exposed to the price risk of cryptocurrencies. This asset class is easily accessible, without technicalities or multiple exchange registrations.

AvaTrade also offers some of the most prominent digital assets, for a small portfolio of coins with various risk profiles. The assets are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Dash
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Monero
  • Neo
  • Ripple

When you trade crypto assets on AvaTrade, you are not exchanging the actual coin or token. Instead, you will be trading a specialized, derivative financial instrument. This approach is ideal for those interested in the growth potential of the market price, and the opportunity to hold a high-volatility asset. Trading the derivatives of crypto coins also prevents losses due to technical reasons.

Approaching crypto coins on AvaTrade is as simple as funding the user account through the preferred transaction mode, and choosing the related derivative instrument.

Interested in trying out AvaTrade? Follow this link to open a demo account.


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