6 Ways to Turn Your Home into a Smart Home with Advice from Robert Deignan

6 Ways to Turn Your Home into a Smart Home with Advice from Robert Deignan

Historically, taking care of a home is a formidable task. But technology always aims to lighten the load. As the years chug along and technology gets better and better, the world becomes a more convenient place. The home is no exception. Smart homes are growing in popularity worldwide and the coming years figure to see those numbers grow even faster.

That said, with the advance of technology comes increasingly complex systems. That’s what makes companies like ATS Digital Services, co-founded by Robert Deignan, so important. These are the people that handle customer support on advanced Internet of Things (IoT) products.

We are talking about a home that you don’t need to take care of because it can take care of you. Even vacation becomes more relaxing when all of the controls to your home are at the tip of your fingers and even easier when you’ve got a team assembled by Robert Deignan to take care of things when issues arise.

Technology companies are hard at work every day to make products that make it simpler to set up a cohesive home system. Still, don’t think you can make your home intelligent? Here are six ways to make your home smarter.

What is a Smart Home?

What is a Smart Home? Robert Deignan and ATS Digital Solutions Can Help You Navigate That

Let’s start with the basics. A smart home is a home with any kind of remote automation, whether it’s electrical or HVAC. This means you can use your cell phone or an assistant to control everything from the thermostat to your television in the home. Companies are constantly innovating to create more and more smart applications that allow you to seamlessly control different things in your home. Often you can have an application on your phone so that you can control the home when you are gone.

On top of that, you’ll want an assistant that allows you to use voice commands at home. Rather than endlessly searching around for the remote, you could simply ask your assistant to turn the TV on (although you might still want to find the remote).

Some smart devices can be programmed so that they activate when a certain requirement is met (for example: at 7 p.m. the lights turn on). The idea behind a smart home is simply to make the life of the person living there easier in whatever way possible. Because a lot of people still balk at the idea of how to get their devices interconnected, there are companies that exist just to help people optimize their home.

There are also companies, like Robert Deignan’s, to solve problems when even the most advanced systems malfunction.

1. Choose Your Assistant

Choosing Your Smart Home Assistant is Crucial

The first step in turning your home into a smart home is choosing your assistant. Your assistant will be your point person. You’ll give a command to your assistant and they’ll execute it. Depending on the assistant you choose, there will be varying degrees of compatibility with different smart appliances and varying amounts of smart capabilities.

You’ll want to research Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s Assistant. These are three big brands currently available on the assistant market. Each one has pros and cons and your preferred assistant will depend on your individual preferences. Rest assured, though, Robert Deignan’s team, if called upon, could handle customer support for all three.

2. Install a Smart Thermostat

Install a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is an essential part of any smart home. A smart thermostat can be adjusted using your phone when you are away or using voice control with your assistant when you are at home. A smart thermostat can also be programmed to keep the house at certain temperatures at different parts of the day.

In addition to the ease-of-use, smart thermostats have practical applications. If you are on vacation and don’t want any pipes to freeze, you can periodically turn on the heater to make sure the house maintains an adequate temperature. Many people like their smart thermostat because they can use it to save energy. Depending on the climate you live in, you could turn the air conditioner or heater on remotely as you leave from work so that the house is at the perfect temperature when you get home but leave the temperature a little warm while you are away.

3. Get a Smart Power Shut-Off

Get a Smart Power Shut-Off

You don’t want to be at work all day worrying about whether or not you turned off the stove. But where people have problems, technology steps in. Smart applications allow you to view whether any appliance is on, right from your phone. Not only that, but you can also see if all doors are locked or if the garage door is open. That leaves you with a peace of mind right at your fingertips.

4. Seal Your House with a Smart Lock

Seal Your House with a Smart Lock

Smart locks are getting more and more popular. The beauty of a smart lock is the added flexibility you gain. Not only are these locks very secure technologically, but they are easy to use. Rather than needing to meet up with someone to give them a key or be at the house to let them in, you can simply grant access to any authorized user through the phone application.

5. Keep an Eye Out with a Smart Camera

Keep an Eye Out with a Smart Camera

Whether you are worried about security or want to keep an eye on your precious pet, smart cameras are better than ever before. A nest camera in your house can immediately notify you on your phone if it registers any suspicious activity. A smart camera is also a great way to keep an eye on your child if you are working in another room. It’s possible to set the camera up so that recent video is stored in the cloud.

6. Have the House Clean Itself

Have the House Clean Itself

Who wouldn’t want the house to clean itself? Technology like the Roomba has been around for a while for a good reason—it works. The Roomba can be programmed to vacuum an area of the house at a certain time of day. Roombas can even learn patterns so that they begin to avoid the furniture.

The age of technology is making life more convenient. What once was a huge burden in taking care of a home can be made significantly simpler with some technological upgrades. While it may seem difficult to get everything working together, companies everywhere are working to create technology that works together seamlessly.

And there are companies who dedicated themselves to helping you sync up all your devices and troubleshoot if anything goes wrong. Just take a look at Robert Deignan and his company, ATS Digital Services.


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