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eCigs are more popular and beloved today than ever before, and it’s not difficult to understand why. The ample benefits of eCigs versus traditional cigarettes, which are detailed in this piece, are wide-ranging and abundant. However, as experienced eCig users will attest to, one of the key byproducts of this upswing in vaping popularity is an absolutely sprawling industry—an industry that, to novices, can be completely overwhelming.

To help anyone who is interested (or might be interested) in eCigs, let’s take a look at everything that’s needed to begin vaping!

The Desire to Save Money

First and foremost, it must be noted that eCigs will help smokers of traditional cigarettes to save money. And while the desire to save money with eCigs is hardly a “need” for those who’re looking to get into vaping, it’s hard to argue against extra cash and awesome value.

As the price of cigarettes continually creeps up, the price of eCigs and eJuice continues to become more and more reasonable.  Thanks to reputable and customer-friendly companies like O2Pur. Puff-for-puff, eCigs are much, much more affordable than their traditional counterparts, and the sheer value associated with vaping has accordingly prompted a considerable number of individuals to adopt the hobby.

Even for non-smokers, it’s difficult to not be impressed by eCigs’ outstanding pricing.

An eCig Starter Kit

For ultra-eager, convenience-loving individuals who can’t wait to start vaping, an eCig starter kit may be the way to go.

As one can guess, eCig starter kits are simply pre-made bundles that contain everything one needs to begin vaping. The positives of these kits are that buying and using them is effortless, there’s no guesswork on the customer’s end, and they are, of course, complete, and boast all the eCig gear required to enjoy the hobby.

On the other hand, eCig starter kits don’t provide customers with a tremendous amount of freedom to choose the eJuice flavors and styles that suit their preferences, they generally cost slightly more than the sum of their parts, and they cannot be easily customized (in terms of battery, attachments, and more).

Importantly, those who’re intrigued by the idea of an eCig starter kit must, to assure that they’re getting quality gear, buy from a top-notch company (such as O2Pur). In the eCig industry, just as in every other business sphere, unreliable companies provide unreliable products to customers.

An Actual eCigarette

Unlike traditional cigarettes, eCigs are rechargeable, and are intended to be used multiple times. Their pricing reflects this reusability, but to be sure, the aforementioned value associated with eCigs is still unparalleled. For smokers, once again, this means saving a considerable amount of cash. For non-smokers, this means gaining access to an exhilarating hobby for little to no money, in the grand scheme of things.

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Choosing an eCig is all about the individual at-hand, and what he or she is looking for. Generally speaking, those who’re new to vaping should consider an eCig’s price, charge time, battery length, tank compatibility, user reviews, and more, before settling on a product.

Charge time and battery length are very significant elements of every eCig. These elements, in short, determine how long a device needs to charge for and how long it can be used for (this latter measurement is usually defined in puffs); these usage specifications directly impact convenience. For example, some more affordable devices feature relatively short battery lengths and relatively long charge times, while the inverse is true of other, more expensive eCigs. Of course, there are also a number of fairly priced and impressively charged eCigs on the market!

Gauging this information and making a decision based upon personal preferences is the name of the game.

Tank compatibility refers to the style, make, and type of tank that’s able to be used with an eCig model. Tanks, in the vaping industry, are the storage containers for eJuice, or the flavored substance that allows vapers to puff vapor. Certain tanks cost more, while others cost less, and customers will have to see what type of tank the eCig(s) they’re considering buying are compatible with, so as to set-up a tank-purchasing plan that satisfies their budget and preferences.

User Reviews

User reviews are hardly the end-all that many consider them to be, and to be sure, if an eCig (or other product) looks appealing, it’s probably worth purchasing. Particularly when it’s sold through a reputable company like O2Pur on their website. However, user reviews are useful in that they provide a glimpse of the positives and negatives associated with devices, as well as what can be expected from these devices; this information may prove useful to prospective customers.

A Box Mod

To be sure, a box mod is about the only thing listed here that interested individuals don’t need to have to get started with eCigs. But, for those who’re seeking a more personalized vaping experience, it might be worth, at the very least, briefly exploring box mods.

Box mods, in short, are specially designed and easily customizable eCig units that allow users to mold and format their vaping experiences to suit their needs. Box mods can be purchased in both complete (or equipped with electronic components) or incomplete (or not equipped with electronic components) formats, with the latter providing users more customization options than the former, but requiring extra time and effort to get up and running.

Box mods are useful in the sense that that their eJuice storage units, batteries, vape styles, and more can be customized by users. Generally speaking, these devices are purchased by more experienced vapers, but by all means, customers who’re new to the industry and have conducted a suitable amount of research should feel free to buy, should they wish to do so.

eJuice—and Love for Endless Flavors

As was stated, eJuice is the substance that’s installed in eCigs to provide vapor with flavor; eJuice is once again used in an eCig or other compatible vaping device through a tank. Importantly, any eJuice can be easily and conveniently swapped out for another, depending on the user’s preferences.

As such, anyone who’s new to vaping will need an eJuice tank that’s compatible with the device they’re thinking of purchasing. The good news is that many companies (including O2PurStore, of course!) offer bonus eJuices and eJuice tanks to customers who purchase a new eCig device and/or meet a certain spending threshold.

The other thing eCig users need, with respect to eJuice, is love for endless flavors. Unlike traditional cigarettes (which, it must be noted, have had their taste replicated in eJuice form), eCigs allow users to choose from an astonishing number of flavors.

Lovers of sweet tastes can vape fruit-flavored, candy-flavored, and even dessert-flavored eJuices; tobacco, earthiness, and other “classic” smoking flavors are perfect for old-school smokers; and nearly every imaginable flavor in between, including companies’ secret “specialty” blends, are waiting to be toked by more adventurous eCigs customers.

The sheer multitude of flavor options available through eJuice is a selling point in its own right, and furthermore, it is a factor that’s kept many users coming back again and again, without encountering the slightest feeling of repetition.

A Reliable Store

Last but certainly not least, anyone—no, everyone—who wants to get the most out of their eCig experiences must have a reliable store on-hand to shop from. Having a reliable vaping store selected and ready to order from—”reliable” referring in this instance to a store like O2Pur, that boasts competitive prices, a wide array of products, helpful information, excellent customer support, and efficient shipping—will be the difference between having an awesome time vaping and having a terrible time vaping, in short.

More than this, though, buying eCig equipment through a top-notch distributor is a fantastic way to encourage further industry growth and innovation. Because, as those who’re new to vaping will find with experience, the companies that truly care about their customers and work towards providing optimal buying experiences are the same companies that will invest in tomorrow’s cutting-edge vaping tech.

These are the companies that go above and beyond, making the entire eCig landscape better in the process. These are the companies that release new and improved eCigs that cost less, hold more charge, and are smoother to use. These are the companies that, for little to no profit (and even immediate losses), take the time to develop holiday-themed eJuices, just for their diehard customers.

These are the companies that started the eCig revolution.

Hopefully the information included in this guide will prove useful to those who’re considering jumping into the eCig industry. Moreover, here’s to these potential vapers making the decision to become part of the ever-growing hobby as soon as possible.

Because, once the required eCig gear is purchased, the actual vaping process is one that’s all but sure to be enjoyable, as a result of the countless benefits and perks of the industry.

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