NewsWatch TV Reviews Tech Products at Mobile World Congress and SXSW 2018


The team at NewsWatch TV logged some airline miles recently, attendeding both the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona as well as the South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference in Austin. Spending weeks on end traveling to beautiful locations and learning about the latest in the tech world was right up this team’s alley.

 NewsWatch TV Reviews Huawei Matebook X

While there, NewsWatch TV reviewed some of the top new technology from this year’s MWC.  The first NewsWatch TV Review took a look at a company called Huawei and their new Matebook X Pro.  Last year Huawei came out with a Matebook X, and that was a direct competitor to the Macbook. The Matebook X Pro is now a competitor to the Macbook Pro.

First of all, the Matebook X Pro – suitable competition for the Macbook Pro — is obviously bigger than the Matebook X from last year. It has extra selections of ports and also adds a slick new touchscreen with anti-fingerprint coding.

The laptop does have a camera, but it’s recessed — it’s hidden between the F6 and F7 keys.  It’s a spring-loaded button that you push, and it pops up for privacy concerns. The biggest issue is that unfortunately, it’s at a bit of an unflatteringly low angle.

The Huawei Matebook X Pro has the same fingerprint reader as their phones, which is chipset-based, and means it securely stores your fingerprint on your computer and not on the cloud.  This is again focused on privacy concerns.

They estimate that the laptop’s battery life is about 12 hours of 1080p video playback and it comes with a fast-charging charger that provides 6 hours of battery life after a 30-minute charge — very convenient and fast.

According to Huawei, the laptop is made of high-grade aluminum alloy, that’s the same type they use for aviation purposes. So if you’re worried about your laptop bending or breaking in your backpack, this should help alleviate that concern.

The laptop is 14.6 millimeters thick and around 3 pounds in weight, so while it looks compact, it doesn’t quite feel like it. It’s got a little bit of a heavy feel to it. However, it is extremely fashionable, has very small beveled edges, and has a high-end look to it.  Currently, it comes in space grey and mystic silver. It comes preloaded with Windows, so if you’re a Windows person, this is definitely going to be up your alley.

Overall, this is a very nice computer and, in our opinion, is going to be of the same quality as the actual Macbook Pro – the one it’s taking direct aim at.  And if you’re a Windows person, this is going to be an affordable and high-quality option.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Review by NewsWatch

Next up, NewsWatch TV Reviews checked out the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the S9 Plus – Samsung’s brand-new phone that they unveiled at this year’s MWC.

Overall, the S9 is really just an upgrade over the S8. There are a lot of changes they made and also some major fixes. The first fix was going to be the fingerprint scanner. In the past, for the S8, it was next to the camera which makes it tough when trying to unlock the phone. Inevitably the user will touch the camera and get some finger oils on it. They’ve changed it this year, so it is underneath the camera, a quality upgrade.

The biggest upgrade though is the camera. First off, it now has automatic aperture. So in those low-light situations, the camera is going to switch to an F1-5, so that means that it will actually increase the brightness. Now if it’s in a brighter situation, it’s going to do an F.2-4 aperture and capture the background in the photo. It also has the portrait mode, or what they call “Live Focus,” so it’s going to blur the background to get those super beautiful shots you see on the iPhone 10.  One thing to note is that “Live Focus” is only with the S9 Plus and not with the regular S9. Another important thing to note is that the phone has kept the phone jack, something the Google pixel and the iPhone have gotten rid of completely, so it’s very refreshing to see that is still around.

The display is 5.8 inches for the S9 and 6.2 inches for the S9 Plus. Both phones also come with stereo surround sound, so you can get excellent audio if you’re just walking around the house. This means in some situations you won’t have to have a Bluetooth speaker.

Now there are some negatives, of course. The AR emojis are pretty creepy and not in that “cute” way, especially by comparison to the iPhone 10 emojis which are very much loved by everyone. The backing is also made of glass which makes it a little fingerprint prone, so you’re most likely going to want to get a case.

About Mobile World Congress 2018

The GSMA Mobile World Congress, which takes place every year in Barcelona is one of the biggest tech and mobile conferences throughout the world.  In 2018 alone, during the conference from Feb. 26 to March 1, MWC had over 107,000 people attend from 205 countries.

Of those in attendance, 65 percent came from Europe, while 14 percent traveled from the Asia Pacific region. North America was also represented well, with 10 percent of the attendees coming from there. The country with the most attendees was Spain, with 32 percent of those in attendance. The United States was the country with the second-highest attendance.

Over 2,400 exhibitors were highlighting their newest and latest mobile technology. Some of the exhibitors included AT&T, Lenovo, MasterCard, Microsoft, IBM, Verizon Wireless and Sony Mobile Communications Inc. The BMW Personal CoPilot Experience exhibit showed off an autonomous car that was a big hit with attendees.

Women were well-represented at the conference, making up 24 percent of everyone in attendance. That number was up from 21 percent in 2016. One of the programs offered at the Congress was called Women4Tech. It encouraged gender equality and diversity in the tech industry.

The conference draws in executives from companies that make devices, software, internet companies and infrastructure providers, as well as mobile operators. At this year’s conference, there were 7,700 CEOs in attendance.

Speakers come from around the world to speak to those in attendance. This year, there were 350 speakers who shared their insight and expertise. Some of this year’s speakers included Ran Krauss, CEO and co-founder of Airobotics; Jeff Zucker, president of CNN Worldwide; Christopher Young, CEO of McAfee; Marcelo Claure, CEO of Sprint; and Kathy Calvin, President and CEO of United Nations Foundation.

For start-ups, the Mobile World Congress is a great place to network with key players in their respective industries. The 4YFN program gave start-ups the chance to draw attention to their ideas and gave them access to investors and corporations. More than one million meetings took place during the event – it’s a great place to do business as well as meet like-minded individuals.

Even the youth were welcomed – the YoMo program brought in more than 14,000 students, educators, and professionals so kids could learn more about STEAM (science, technology, engineering, design/art, and math) developments.

The event is highly publicized as well as well attended – over 3,500 media and industry analysts were there to give coverage of the event throughout the world. One of the media sources in attendance was NewsWatch TV.

NewsWatch TV has attended Mobile World Congress for the past six years and reviewed some of the hottest companies and products at the show. Co-host of NewsWatch, Michelle Ison, did a segment in which she asked attendees to name what they most enjoyed seeing.

About SXSW 2018

In March 2018, NewsWatch TV attended the South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference and Festivals in Austin, Texas. The conference allows an inside look at what’s on the horizon in the fields of culture, film, music, and technology.

The conference gave NewWatch TV the chance to review a bunch of cool items, such as the Bose company’s sound-based augmented reality prototype glasses. Bose is planning to send 10,000 of the augmented reality glasses to developers and manufacturers this summer.

These glasses use data from embedded motion sensors, along with GPS information from a user’s phone, and link the two through Bluetooth. The combination of technology works because the GPS lets the glasses know where the person is currently standing and the motion sensors let the device know which direction the people are heading and where they are looking. The glasses have built-in speakers that don’t go into the user’s ear, which means they’re better from a safety standpoint than earbuds would be.

The NewsWatch TV Reviews of the glasses were formed after they put the product to a real-life test while walking through Austin. As the NewsWatch crew found out, the glasses were easy to use. To receive information about the houses or venues that were passed during the walk, the user just has to double tap the touch pad on the glasses.

Although sunglasses contained the augmented reality devices, the company could branch out and put them in other products too, like helmets and hats.

About NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch is a leading technology and consumer review show, airing on major networks across the United States. It first began airing in 1989, and it has enjoyed popularity since then, evolving as the world has so it can continue to provide relevant news to its audience. During that time, NewsWatch TV has had a run most television shows only dream about – to date, it has filmed more than 1,000 episodes.

NewsWatch’s home base is in Washington D.C., but it has established offices in Virginia, New York, and Colorado.

NewsWatch has won numerous awards, including Telly Awards, Videographer Awards, and Spokeie Awards. They are a leader in the marketing and television field and produce tremendous results for anyone who is on the show.  NewsWatch has worked with some of the top companies in the world such as Audi, Intel, Siemens, and Angry Birds – just to name a few.

NewsWatch’s host, Andrew Tropeano, has become a trusted face for viewers who enjoy his dedication to bringing the news that matters into their lives, but also like how entertaining and energetic he can be while delivering it. Tropeano joined the NewsWatch TV team in 2010, and he now has amassed over ten years of experience in the journalism world.

Co-hosts Michelle Ison and tech analyst Chris Vaughn are also key ingredients to the show’s success. The three hosts bring a special blend of fun into the show.

In addition to these three on-air personalities, NewsWatch also has technology reporters as well as special reporters who help with the episodes.

NewsWatch TV’s Reviews have become one of the most anticipated parts of their shows. Companies recognize the impact a NewsWatch review can have on a recently-launched product. Consumers realize that NewsWatch will cut through the hype to let them know how a product will impact their lives. What is special and unique about that product will be highlighted.

As technology and smartphones became increasingly popular, NewsWatch TV Reviews added new technology products to their roster in 2011. With everyone on the lookout for ways technology can make their lives easier, that segment proved to be a popular addition to the show.

Following the success of adding in technology to the show, NewsWatch added an AppWatch segment in 2012. With this segment, NewsWatch TV reviews apps their viewers might benefit from incorporating into their lives. Before spending money on apps they aren’t certain will benefit them, viewers can check out the NewsWatch TV reviews first to see if the app is something that will be worth the money to them.

On top of being a trustworthy source of new consumer and technology news, as well as a great marketing channel, NewsWatch is also able to provide great results because of its tremendous reach through its television and online distribution. Their television network reaches over 95 million households across the United States and reaches every major market in the U.S. Their YouTube channel has reached millions of views.

They have an extensive social media following as well, with hundreds of thousands of fans and followers.

How NewsWatch TV Can Help Companies

One of the smartest things a struggling company or an established company hoping to launch a new product can do is to land a NewsWatch TV Review. It’s a strategy that has worked for many companies over the years.

M3 Solutions, a U.S. innovator in the field of scalable tablet stations, learned firsthand about how much the exposure on NewsWatch TV can help a company. To help them get the word out to employers about how their products could help them in the workforce, they turned to NewsWatch TV Reviews to have them produce a one-minute video review. Together, with another three-minute corporate video, that segment helped gain significant attention for M3 Solutions’ SMART Scalable NetSpot Stations.

NewsWatch and M3 Solutions collaborated on scripting, filming, and editing the segment. In addition to appearing on television, the video was placed online and received more than one million impressions.

After the airing and following the online performance, Ray Sheepwash, Vice President of Marketing for M3 Solutions, said he was pleased with the NewsWatch TV Reviews.

GreenTraveler, a company which makes containers and accessories people use when they’re traveling to hold food, drinks, and other items, scored big with their Kickstarter campaign they were using to raise money. The GreenTraveler container, which was being funded, has loops on it so it can be looped onto backpacks as well as other items. It allows people a hands-free, but easily accessible, option for carrying their food and liquid containers. Although it looks like an ordinary water bottle thermos, the container includes six compartments that won’t leak. That ensures a traveler’s food stays dry when they’re on the go.

The bottle is recyclable, and it’s even sturdy enough to use in the freezer. It’s not super heavy, which is important to people who are already carrying a fair amount of weight in their backpack. It only weighs 1.1 pounds when the bottle is empty, so users can attach this bottle to a purse or backpack without feeling weighed down. It’s a comfortable way to carry food and drinks.

They settled on a goal of $20,000 they needed to raise within a 30-day period. With Kickstarter, if the full goal isn’t met by the end of the designated time, the company will not receive any of the money that is gathered. But GreenTraveler didn’t have to worry about that scenario, thanks to NewsWatch TV’s promotional segment.

In fact, the results were phenomenal. The segment drew more than 1,700 backers, who decided to chip in their own money to help fund the project. By the end of the 30-day timeframe, the $20,000 goal was looking like chump change. GreenTraveler was able to raise a total of $116,830.

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