New Game Minit Offers Creative and Fun Gameplay


An integral part of playing almost any video game is learning along the way. That being said, many playing a new video game must repeatedly lose virtual lives in order to progress. As these players better learn how to play a certain game, they will tend to lose less virtual lives. With that in mind, a new game called Minit changes the way you think of learning through virtually dying.

The Verge reports that Minit was made by Jan Willem Nijman and Kitty Calis. While there are countless video games being released every month, Minit offers a new way for players to explore and defeat this game. The main hook behind Minit is that each turn players have a maximum of 60 seconds to complete a level, no exceptions. Regardless of what players do, their character will die and re-spawn every minute.

Minit is notable for featuring old-school graphics, looking similar to a game released on Atari video game consoles in the 70s. The minimalism of an entire game in only black and white might sound a bit boring. However, the fast style of this game works well with a more toned down approach in the graphics department. It makes sense to not be distracted by wild graphics while only having 60 seconds to complete each level.

In addition, it looks like this game could have a lot of appeal with both YouTube content creators and speed runners. Many people love watching videos of their favorite YouTube personality getting frustrated while trying to complete especially difficult video games. Speedrunners are players who compete in order to complete a game in the fastest amount of time.

To summarize, a new game has recently been released known as Minit. This game has players racing against time in which they will only have 60 seconds to complete a level. Minit pairs together challenging gameplay with retro visuals that will likely appeal to a wide range of video game players. This game is currently available for the PC as well as Xbox One and PS4 home gaming consoles.


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