IMV Gaming Expanding Upon a Fallen EA Franchise


In recent years, those who are fans of both video games and college football have had quite a tough time. In 2013, video game company EA would unexpectedly announce the cancellation of their popular yearly NCAA Football video game installments. That being said, the cloud of darkness that has reigned over college football video games for five years could soon be coming to an end.

A new game called Gridiron Champions is slated for a 2020 release. However, that hasn’t stopped many around the internet from being understandably excited for this game. If the game releases on time, it would be the first time that people have played a college football video game in nearly a decade. Sports Illustrated reports that the company IMV Gaming will be the brand behind this new college football gaming experience.

IMV Gaming has big plans for their Gridiron Champions. The gaming company announced that this game is planned for release through the PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam gaming platforms. In addition, those playing Gridiron Champions will have the ability to customize players, stadiums, fans, and much more.

With all of this good, there is a slight drawback to Gridiron Champions. Unfortunately, the National College Athletic Association has not licensed out anything to IMV Gaming for this title. This means that fans will receive a college football experience without officially licensed teams. That being said, IMV Gaming has touted an expansive creation suite that should be enough to give certain players the ability to replicate the NCAA experience. This company is also reportedly working on trying to obtain rights to begin releasing yearly collegiate basketball titles.

To summarize, college football fans finally have a new video game release to look forward to. IMV Gaming is the company releasing Gridiron Champions to the world in 2020. This game, while not officially endorsed or licensed by the NCAA, sets out to recreate an authentic college football gaming experience.


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