Facebook Testing Dislike Button With Select Users


You may soon be able to dislike users’ comments on Facebook. According to CNET, the popular social media network is currently testing a dislike button with select users.

Most Facebook users only have the option of liking a post. When you click the thumbs up button at the bottom of a post, it counts as a like. And Facebook’s algorithm uses this data to determine which posts appear in users’ News Feeds. Posts with many likes have a higher chance of appearing in users’ News Feeds than posts with few or no likes.

However, Facebook has toyed with the idea of a dislike button in the past. In February 2018, some users reported seeing a downvote button in the comment section of posts. Labeled “Downvote,” this button appeared alongside the like and reply buttons. When questioned about this newly added feature, Facebook explained that it was testing the button to gain feedback on users’ comments, and it said the feature was only available to a small number of users in the United States.

It looks like Facebook is continuing its trial run of the dislike button. CNET explains that Facebook has since rolled out the feature to select users in Australia and New Zealand. The social media giant says the goal of this test is to create a more user-friendly experience in which the best comments rank at the top. Currently, user comments that receive the strongest emotional reaction receive ranking priority. With a dislike button, Facebook can display the most positive comments at the top.

It’s important to note that Facebook’s dislike button is only available for user comments. In other words, you cannot dislike a post; you can only dislike another user’s comment. Furthermore, the dislike button is only available on Facebook’s official mobile app and not its desktop or mobile website.

Millions of Facebook users have expressed interest in a dislike button as it would allow them to show their true feelings and thoughts about a post. In 2016, an unnamed source said that Facebook has rejected this feature because it would promote negativity on the platform.

Even without the dislike button, though, users can still express a negative disposition towards a post using the like button. Clicking the like button allows users to choose from one of several emojis, some of which include angry and sad faces.


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