Facebook Adds Unsend Feature After Deleting Zuckerberg’s Messages – Totally Not Fishy At All


Facebook, the world’s most popular social media platform, is used by some 2.2 billion people at least once monthly. Although most of its users hail from the English-speaking, westernized world – especially the United States, where it was developed by founder and current chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg some 14 years ago – it’s used by people in every single country on planet Earth.

Just as almost every person – all those who keep up with current events, that is, which should be everybody in the world – is well-adjusted to using Facebook, they’re similarly used to seeing Facebook’s name in headlines around the globe.

It goes without saying, given you’re reading this news article and likely keep up with news media circles, that Facebook’s name has been perpetuated with negativity so much lately because it virtually allowed the data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica to wrongfully, willfully, inappropriately – and most importantly, against the explicit terms and conditions that all Facebook users are expected to adhere to – get its virtual hands on information from roughly 70 million users’ accounts.

While it’s important to note that Cambridge Analytica was hired by Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016 to perform voter research and figure out how to sway voters’ opinions through nothing more than social media marketing campaigns, what’s most important to stress – at least in the capacity of this article’s main idea, thesis, and message – that Cambridge Analytica didn’t follow the terms of Facebook’s mandatory user agreement, which includes businesses, and Facebook executives didn’t even tell its user base, the world, nor the users that were directly affected by it!

And guess what’s worse: Facebook executives knew about this breach as far back as 2015, meaning its employees had tons of time – some 1,000-plus days – to think about how to address the problems publicly, tell its users how it mishandled their information, or – hmmm, I don’t know – apologize, maybe!

Guess what else – Facebook now allows users to unsend messages via Messenger

It’s great that Facebook Messenger will now allow all of its users to retract any messages. Wouldn’t this feature have been useful to you in the past, regarding inappropriate or misspelled texts?

This news comes directly after Facebook’s deletion of messages that Zuckerberg himself sent over the years. Talk about honesty and goodwill. There’re none of those things over here.

The new feature won’t be available for a few months.


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