Apple Rolls Out Major iOS Update: Here’s What You Should Know


On March 29, Apple began rolling out a major update to its iOS operating system for the iPhone and iPad. While the tech company is known for releasing new iOS versions on a regular basis, sometimes as frequently as once a week, this latest update introduces several new features that users should know.

As reported by USA Today, iOS 11.3 has a built-in feature for monitoring the health of your device’s battery. Last year, Apple was criticized for intentionally slowing down the performance of old-model iPhones. Some users assumed that Apple was trying to deceive the public into replacing their outdated iPhones with newer models. In a statement, though, the Cupertino-based company said it slowed down users’ iPhones to protect against spontaneous shutdown.

On its website, Apple explains that old iPhones have degraded batteries that may cause the iPhone to shut down unexpectedly. To protect against this hardware malfunction, Apple began slowing down users’ devices.

You now see the health of your iPhone’s battery using iOS 11.3. The new Battery Health feature, while still in beta testing, shows the maximum capacity of the device’s battery relative to when it was new. A battery with 50 percent on the Battery Health monitor, for instance, can hold half of the power that it originally held when new. This feature can help users determine whether their iPhone’s battery is failing.

The new iOS update also brings privacy protection enhancements to the iPhone and iPad. Apple is rather conservative regarding its approach to collecting and using data from its users. Now, however, users can see exactly how apps use their data. When a user opens an app in iOS 11.3, a notification message will appear on his or her screen that explains the type of data the app collects and how this data is used. Clicking this notification will provide a more thorough breakdown of the app’s policies.

Apple has also introduced a new chat system so that users can communicate with businesses. Known as Business Chat, it uses the Messages app interface to provide a simplified means of communication between businesses and their customers. Using Business Chat, customers can contact a business for support, payment help, contact information or other purposes.

If your iPad or iPhone hasn’t already updated to 11.3 automatically, you can download the update manually by accessing Settings > General > Software Update.


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