Amazon’s Alexa To Learn, Remember, and Become Conversational


Amazon’s Alexa seems to be moving more and more in the direction of becoming a real-life version of AI from a science-fiction film. New developments with Alexa may lead sci-fi fans to draw a mental picture of HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, a “thinking” artificial intelligence that interacts quite capably with humans. Alexa’s new programming upgrades include significant quantum leaps from the original version of the program. Alexa will soon gain a memory and better speaking skills.

Soon, any information the user conveys to Alexa won’t be forgotten after being processed. Alexa soon will retain user directives. The obvious intention here involves making Alexa not only more responsive to future directives, but to do so in a more casual way.

Improved user-friendliness may lead someone to further integrate Alexa with other devices. Amazon could reap the huge benefit of customer loyalty as a result. After all, the user would be relying on the newer, friendlier Alexa to operate things on his/her behalf.

Another upgrade will emerge with the new capabilities of Alexa. Alexa will become more conversational. One of the more humorous aspects of HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey was the computer’s boorish and stiff way of speaking. Since this is what HAL understood, humans had to speak to HAL in an equally stiff manner.

That might be fine in the movies, but it doesn’t make for nice interactions in the home. Alexa developers plan on improving its interactions with users by implementing a more conversational tone. Interactions become a lot easier when you can speak to an AI unit in a friendlier and casual way.

A better conversational tone may draw in customers somewhat put off by being required to bark specific commands to the current version of Alexa. Alexa may work fine from a functional perspective, but improvements must be made to make more consumers feel comfortable using the system.

Alexa will also benefit from the addition of “learning tools.” Users can speak to Alexa without addressing its name to engage the system. Alexa will soon realize when it is being spoken to based on picking up on the user’s language.

These improvements give food for thought about just how advanced Alexa may become in the future. The advancements certainly aren’t going to stop. Rather, the advancements should become more and more innovative.


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