WhatsApp’s feature ‘Delete for everyone’ which was rolled out by WhatsApp Corporation in November 2017, has been improved without the user’s knowledge. The feature also referred to as recall or revoke is engineered to unsend mistaken or unwanted messages from both the receiver’s and sender’s phones. The system update came up days after the application’s Beta for Android version 2.18.69 received the improvement to provide users with more time to delete the messages. The revoke time is currently 4096 seconds. It was initially 7 minutes. This is a massive gain for users, something they find far much more acceptable and fair compared to the 7 minutes.

Unfortunately, there is no deletion of the entire message. Text in the chat will still state the exclusion of words, but the contents will be wiped out. However, in an email to PcMag, WhatsApp declined to comment on why the limit time was so specific. Telegram, its rival messaging application has its limit time as 48 hours to unsend a message. WhatsApp also doesn’t have a ‘Secret conversation’ feature, unlike telegram and other messaging applications. Following its launch, the pre-updated feature had been exploited by moded versions of WhatsApp to delete messages which were even three years old. Furthermore, any other person other than the sender could remove it. Currently, there has been an addition of a ‘Block request feature.’ Moreover, the feature on WhatsApp for iPhone has also been upgraded to a limit of one hour, eight minutes and 16 seconds.

According to WhatsApp-focused WABetaInfo, observed that there had been an update on the algorithm used to pass the recall feature. When the algorithm receives the recall request, it searches its database for a message with matching identification, then confirms if the present date of the sent signal is less than 24 hours. Only then can the information be eliminated. This improvement affirms the official limit time for the words to be deleted thus restricting moded versions from unrightfully extending the recall time.

Nonetheless, if a person fails to update his or her WhatsApp version or instead uses an older version of it that fails to support the feature, he or she will still see the offending message. These updates, especially for Android are usually found free on the Play Store application. There has been an official update for WhatsApp for iPhone users to the 2.18.31 version. This version already contains the extension of the ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature which extends up to the 68 minutes and 16 seconds. This improvement is vividly advantageous as compared to other messaging applications in that it gives room for brief conversations on the WhatsApp application.


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