The Boring Company to Launch Toy Building Blocks Made of Earth


Move over LEGO, there’s a new building block coming to toy stores. On March 26, The Boring Company CEO Elon Musk announced plans to sell building blocks made from earth. As the company’s massive digging machines create tunnels, it will save the rock for use in these toys.

According to TechCrunch, The Boring Company will produce large interlocking blocks that look and function like oversized LEGO bricks made of tunneled earth. To keep the weight low, the blocks will have a hollow center. Users can lock the blocks together to create their own structures just like LEGO blocks.

Founded December 2016, The Boring Company is a subterranean tunneling company that specializes in building tunnels. Musk’s vision is to create a network of underground transportation tunnels that avoid the congestion and safety issues of traditional roadways. The Boring Company has several tunneling projects currently underway. In Los Angeles, the company is building an underground tunnel connecting Hawthorne to Westwood. In Illinois, it’s building a 35-mile tunnel connecting Baltimore to Washington D.C.

Building blocks aren’t the first product sold by The Boring Company. The company launched a self-branded flamethrower earlier this year. The $500 flamethrower works just like you’d expect it to, shooting a powerful ball of fire out the front. While viewed as a novelty item by many, The Boring Company’s flamethrower has been a hot seller. According to Time, the company has generated $3.5 million in sales revenue from the flamethrower.

Of course, building blocks are more consumer friendly and will likely appeal to a larger audience than the company’s flamethrower. The larger interlocking blocks will allow users of all ages to express their creativity by designing and building their own structures.

So, when and where can you buy The Boring Company’s new building blocks? Being that Musk just recently unveiled the plans, there’s still no official word yet regarding an official launch. However, Musk said the first kit will feature an ancient Egypt theme consisting of pyramids, the Sphinx, Temple of Horus and more.


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