Self-Driving Car Causes Fatal Accident


A self-driving Uber car in Arizona recently hit and killed a pedestrian. It is too early to tell who is at fault for the accident. However, Rachel Murray stated that this accident has caused her to question the safety of self-driving cars. Rachel Murray is a consumer reporter who works for News Center 7.

The car was in self-driving mode when it hit a pedestrian who was walking a bike across the street. Elaine Herzberg was the 49-year-old woman who was hit. This is the first time that someone has died in an accident involving a self-driving car. Uber Technologies recently stated that it has suspended road testing of self-driving cars.

The police stated that the car was moving in front of the woman before it hit her. Self-driving cars have sensors in it that detect pedestrians. The sensors are also supposed to detect obstructions in the dark. The death is currently being investigated by the National Traffic Safety Board.

This crash is one of the many things that people have feared about having self-driving cars on the road. Caroline Winch is a resident of Oakwood. She stated that she always thought that the technology was sketchy. Bruce Fiedler, who lives in Xenia, stated that self-driving technology is a cool idea. However, it has the potential for disaster.

Raul Ordonez is a computer and electrical engineer. He agrees that this accident represents everything that people have been dreading. He stated that if Uber determines that a malfunction in technology contributed to the problem, then it has to be fixed right away. He also stated that if a malfunction caused the accident, then more regulations will need to be made.

Raul also believes that this accident shows that now may not be the time for self-driving technology. He is looking forward to seeing self-driving cars one day, but he is willing to wait for that. He believes that more testing needs to be done before self-driving cars hit the road. The recent accident proves why.


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