Netflix Series Narcos Receiving a Video Game Adaptation


Those subscribing to Netflix’s streaming service have access to a lot of quality content. In the past few years, Netflix has taken a stance on creating and adding their own content for viewers to watch. It’s likely that certain Netflix viewers have imagined what it would be like to play a video game inspired by one of their favorite shows. While we won’t be getting an Orange is the New Black video game anytime soon, Netflix fans that play games still have an upcoming release to be excited about. With that in mind, one of Netflix’s most popular original television series known as Narcos will soon be receiving its own video game adaptation.

Narcos is a television show that tells the tale of legendary kingpin Pablo Escobar. This show has received a lot of praise for its acting, storytelling, and overall quality. While many games based off of television shows or movies tend to become mobile games, this will be an actual console video game release. Fans of this show will be happy to know that a recent deal was officially made to create a video game adaptation of Narcos with a major gaming company. News website Bleeding Cool reports that the new Narcos game will be made by video game company Kuju. Video game fans will recognize Kuju from other video game titles including Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Pokemon Art Academy.

In closing, a recent announcement was made that there will be an official video game adapted from the television program Narcos. This development is still in its early stages, making exact details of the game unclear. That being said, this game will be made by a company known for making stellar titles in the past. This game is also notable for being the first Netflix series to receive an actual big budget video game release.


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