Google Pay Now Supports Voice Commands via Google Assistant


Google has updated its universal online payment system to support voice commands using Google Assistant. Now, Android users can send and request money with their voice.

According to BGR, this feature requires a Google Pay account. Formerly known as Android Pay, this allows users to send and receive money over the internet as well as supported near field communication (NFC) payment terminals. You can use to buy products on the Google Play and other websites, for instance. However, you can also use Google Pay to buy products in brick-and-mortar stores that support Google Pay.

Some local retail stores have NFC terminals that automatically read the Android user’s payment information. Like Apple Pay, the user doesn’t have to provide the business with a physical method of payment. Rather, the user places his or her Android device next to the payment terminal, at which point the terminal reads the user’s payment information from Google Pay.

So, how does the new voice-controlled Google Pay work? Once the Android user has set up a Google Pay account, he or she can send or request money using Google Assistant. Telling it “Hey Google, send $20 to mom,” for instance, will send the contact listed as “mom” on the user’s device $20. Google Assistant can send or request money to or from anyone listed as a contact.

Upon hearing news of Google Pay’s new voice-activated feature, some Android users have voiced concern regarding the potential for fraud. If someone steals your Android device, for example, you might be wondering if he or she could use it to request money from your contacts. Thankfully, Google still requires authentication for all transactions, meaning you must enter your password or supply your fingerprint. Unless the thief has access to your password or a copy of your fingerprint, he or she can’t use your Android device to steal money from your contacts.

While Apple has its own online payment system, Apple Pay, the voice-activated Google Pay is available on iPhones and iPads as well. As long as iOS users have Google Assistant installed on their device and have an activate Google Pay account, they too can request or send money using their voice.


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