Google Lens Now Available to All Android Users


Android users can now find relevant information associated with their Google Photos using the Lens app. As reported by Tech Times, Google rolled its artificial intelligence Lens app On May 5 to all Android devices.

Google first announced its Lens app at its I/O conference last year, during which it revealed how the app can retrieve information about images using visual analysis. Like the now-obsolete Google Goggles, Lens uses artificial intelligence to identify objects in an image. Once it’s identified an object, the app pulls relevant information from the internet. Using Lens on a photo of a historic statue, for instance, may reveal timeline and history of the statue while using it on a football stadium may reveal where the stadium is located and which team plays in it.

This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding Google Lens’s capabilities, however. The app can also connect to Wi-Fi networks automatically. Rather than manually selecting the network and entering the password, for example, users can take a photo of the back of their router. Lens will automatically read the Wi-Fi details and use this information to log in. Furthermore, Lens is capable of reading business cards. If a new prospect or client gives you a business card, you can scan it using the Lens app to retrieve more information about the listed business. These are just a few applications for Google’s latest AI-powered app. The Mountain View company will likely explore other uses for the app in the future.

As of May 5, all Android users can use Lens to retrieve relevant information on their photos. The app is available for free download on Google Play. Google Lens has more than 9 million downloads and a 4.5-star rating, attesting to its popularity among Android users. Alternatively, Android users can download the latest version of Google Photos on their handset to access Lens.

There was some initial concern that Google would restrict the Lens app to Pixel users. When Lens was first launched, it only available to users of the Google-branded Android smartphone. It appears these concerns have since been resolved as Lens is now available for all Android users.


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