Dr. Mark Holterman: Mixing Business with Innovative Medicine

Dr. Mark Holterman Take Technology to Medicine

Dr. Mark Holterman works with compassion in the field of pediatrics. Besides treating children, he has found great success in the business world. Dr. Holterman is a graduate of Yale University and completed his studies with honors. Throughout the years, Mark has spent time and effort to become a top physician in his industry. He held the position of Director of Surgery at the University of Washington and dedicated his specialization to children’s medicine. His fellowship at the Children’s Hospital of Seattle added to his knowledge and experience. Over the years, he has learned to think on his feet and to make quick decisions when time is of the essence. He understands the importance of listening to patient concerns, especially since he works with young children. Outside of the hospital, Dr. Holterman spends his time researching.


Holterman started his Mariam Global Health Fund so that he could expand on the unique ideas of his friends and bring improvements to the world of healthcare. A high amount of his work revolves around subjects like stem cell research, obesity, and autoimmunity issues. His organization assists the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. Also, it invests in companies that are interested in advancing medical technology around the globe.


Dr. Mark Holterman’s Business


Mariam Global Health is the result of Dr. Holterman’s experience and his inner need to make the world better. He has created a venture that pairs innovative individuals with people who can afford to invest in ideas that will help to advance international healthcare. Holterman’s organization targets biotechnology topics. It removes most of the risks that usually plague other researchers who delve into this area of study. It utilizes technology so that the highest amount of patients can be treated effectively (Doctors.HealthGrove). Mariam Global Health is a true blend of science and business. Like any successful entrepreneur, Dr. Holterman teaches people to believe in themselves, to support their thoughts, and to have a solid team. With this advice, it is possible to craft a successful business plan of action.


It is not always easy to grow a company, but Holterman has found a way to make it happen. He advises businessmen to take control of their finances and to pay careful attention to money. He explains the times when Mariam Global Health fell short of funding. When investors did not agree with the ideas of the business plan, it was essential to start fresh. Financial strains were often tight, but he was able to act frugally and to advance. Looking back, these trying times helped to avoid failure.


Dr. Mark Holterman has had the opportunity to learn from the best people. He has gained great insight and enjoys sharing his experiences and knowledge with other entrepreneurs. He stresses that it is vital to treat all ideas like friends. At a certain point in time, it may be necessary to say goodbye to a concept so that it is possible to get a different perspective or to try something new. This helps to save time and to get the creative juices flowing. Old ideas can always be revisited at a later date.


Holterman’s Diverse Life


Mark Holterman’s life is a mixture of science and medicine. He concentrates most on the latest advancements in the fields of medical platonic and regeneration. When he is not performing research or working in the hospital, he takes an active role in his business. He has a number of habits that make him productive each day, but the most important one is having the ability to take advice from other people. Most people feel insecure about asking for help, but he knows that this is the best way to get positive things accomplished.


Each day brings new things for Mark. He tries to maintain an open schedule so that he has time to focus on the most important tasks of the day. Since he surrounds himself with smart people, he successfully delegates various jobs. However, the most effective way that he is productive is to escape his comfort zone. He does not want his thoughts to become stagnate, so he is always researching new and better ideas. He considers organization a top priority.


It is quite challenging to come up with ideas and to have the power to bring them to fruition. Luckily, Mark has been able to successfully turn new technologies into reality. He examines new opportunities and assesses how they can better his own life and the lives of others. If something seems appealing and seems to be helpful to his life, he delivers the idea to his team. Everyone works hard to make sure that it is developed and made available to help the public. However, the process is never hurried. Holterman believes that the key to gaining success is working slowly and methodically and collaborating with good people.


Things Aren’t Always Perfect


There is no question that Dr. Mark Holterman is a successful doctor and businessman. However, times have not always brought good things. He has suffered his share of setbacks and failures. He warns entrepreneurs to be aware of computer technology. It has the power to be positive and negative. To keep problems away, he has given everything to his business.


Dr. Holterman credits a number of mentors for his success. He has been influenced by people who are creative, innovative, and not afraid to face adversity. He strives to live his life according to his beliefs and does not plan on changing his ideas when they do not match with the ways that others think.


For Dr. Mark Holterman, the future looks very bright. He looks forward to growing his business and making advancements in the medical industry. Through the use of technology, he hopes to help as many patients as possible. He will continue to work with his family, especially his wife. She is also a surgeon who performs research. Their two sons have followed in their footsteps and careers in biotechnology. Mark is quite passionate about his work and will keep persevering his dreams.



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