AvaTrade Review: 7 Important Features You Need to Know

AvaTrade Review- Reputable Forex Broker
AvaTrade Review- Reputable Forex Broker

In the last two decades, we have experienced tremendous growth in the use of the Internet. Everything was being automated and made possible online but not Forex. Set up in 2006, initially based in Dublin, Ireland and now with 10 other offices globally, AvaTrade came to fill this void, breaking the boundary Forex trade barriers of investors. For the longest time, Forex trading was considered very complex and with so much bureaucracy but twelve years down the line, AvaTrade has made it very simple, direct and safe for investors. AvaTrade works hard to match its innovation with the rapidly changing financial world. To perfectly do this, AvaTrade relies fully on feedback from customers and other relevant players in the market. Today we analyze a recent AvaTrade review by Investopedia. The review was based on major factors, which are fundamental to proper functioning of any Forex trading online platform.

1. Product range and fees
In its platform, AvaTrade has come up with a wide range of financial products to trade in, which allows a wider scope to aspiring and existing investors. These products include and are not limited to, Forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and derivatives. A closer look at the products offered, you realize that AvaTrade always stays ahead in the global market, by availing products, which the market are really interested. Cryptocurrencies demand, for instance, has been on the rise in the recent past and having it in its platform, AvaTrade has not only expanded its scope of trade but also allowed the financial market interested in the product participate in its trade.

Unlike other trade brokers who have very many hidden charges, AvaTrade only cost is included in the spread and there are no commission charges on trades. In addition, there are no fees for the regular standard withdrawals and for terminating an existing account.

2. Trust and Guarantee
AvaTrade operates on the basis of a negative balance protection program, which ensures and guarantees investors that they can never lose more than what they have in their accounts. Forex trading being a gamble, losses are inevitable and therefore, such a guarantee is such a relief to especially new and small-scale investors.

When it comes to the holding of funds, the investor account funds are held separately from the company’s funds. This ensures that there is no mix up whatsoever between the two. This assures the investors that their funds are safe. In addition, AvaTrade also has a cover to compensate and protect the customers’ assets valuing up to EUR 20,000 in case of default, which is very rare. Abiding by the regulations of relevant financial bodies in the different jurisdictions of operations, such as the Central Bank of Ireland, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, the Financial Services Commission in Japan, the MiFID in Europe just to mention but a few, add value to AvaTrade’s reputation.

3. Unique Features
Among the many special features of AvaTrade, its five types of trade platforms stand out. AvaTrade offers investors different platforms, which come with different specifications suiting different client needs. To start with, there is the AvaTradeAct which allows its own trading, the DupliTrade; which is set to copy in your account what other high flying trader accounts are doing, the RoboX feature; which allows investors to select from a wide pool, auto strategies and parameters for account trading activity, the AutoChartist; which does trade and market analysis and identifies trade patterns, allowing you make sound investment decisions and finally, the expert advisors feature, which basically provides you with detailed and in-depth market analysis to aid your trading.

AvaTrade also has the CFD Rollover tool, which changes a new price with an old matured one, just before the expiration of the old contract and adjusts the difference as a result.

4. User Experience
While working online, the user experience of an online platform is very fundamental. AvaTrade has this in check both for its desktop and mobile platforms. With the desktop use, AvaTrade has made it very simple for clients to navigate and find their way through it, not to mention the customization on the different trading platforms available. It is evident that AvaTrade has backed up its data strongly and well set up the website as seen in its stability, regardless of user traffic. For convenience, the mobile application also has amazing features, which are well suited for small screens. Everything in the desktop user option has been fit into the mobile application, better serving clients.

5. Customer Support
AvaTrade serves a wide global market and as a result, has made sure that they offer customer service in different language options. They have three 24-hour customer service options, which are, phone, email and live chat. However, most of the times customer queries are simple things and as a result, they have on their website an FAQ page which actually answers many client questions. The page and the website is available in English, Italian, German, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish and Taiwanese. In essence, all the major global languages are covered.

6. Market Research
Forex and stock trading is done through speculation, which is largely based on intense and smart market research. AvaTrade has taken it upon itself to offer specialist research to its clients, for better trade investment decisions. Through its research platform, SharpTrader.com, clients are able to receive periodic and timely research all done by specialists hired by the company. Most of the times, market research is paid for, and thus, a major plus to all AvaTrade clients. As part of research, clients are able to get instant news in the financial sector globally, as timeliness of information determines its materiality. This research aspect is in line with AvaTrade’s mission of empowering people to trade and not just offering a trading platform like many other online trade brokers. For this reason, many AvaTrade reviews have rated the company so highly.

7. Education
For both new and experienced traders, AvaTrade offers comprehensive and systematic learning tools. Knowledge is so much power when it comes to Forex trading and hence, AvaTrade ensures proper enlightenment to its clients through their research portal, the SharpTrader.com, and its normal trade platform. This information is disseminated in various forms such as written articles, study courses, and videos. Skills learned and the professional research provided places traders on AvaTrade platform in a better decision-making position than those in other platforms.

In addition to this AvaTrade review, other AvaTrade reviews by XBT, Barclays Trading Hub, Real Forex Reviews, Daily Forex and many others all rank AvaTrade as one of the most trusted online Forex platform in the world. Given Investopedia’s strict and harsh review criteria, achieving 4-star ranking places AvaTrade as a go-to broker for all your financial trading needs.

For more information, visit: http://www.avatradereview.org/


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