Amazon Is Giving Away Free Games to Prime Members


Need another reason to sign up for an Amazon Prime membership? Aside from the free two-day shipping on more than 1 million products and access to the company’s on-demand video service, Prime members can now download free PC video games.

As reported by Business Insider, Amazon is giving away five free PC video games every month to Prime members. The free games are only offered as digital downloads, meaning Amazon isn’t going to ship members a physical disc. Rather, Prime members must download the games via the Twitch Desktop app. The free games don’t expire, however. Once they’ve been downloaded, Prime members can keep them for life.

For March, Prime Members can download “Superhot,” “Shadow Tactics,” “Oxenfree,” “Mr. Shifty” and “Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation.” According to a blog post on Twitch, the free game lineup for April includes “Dubwars,” “Tokyo 42,” “Tales from the Borderlands,” “Steamworld Dig 2” and “Kingsway.”

Granted, most of these titles are lower budget indie games, but they are still free for Prime members nonetheless. And many gamers will argue that some of the best titles are actually made by smaller developers.

Earlier this month, Amazon made public several documents revealing the success of its original series. According to the documents, the company’s “The Man in the High Castle” attracted 8 million viewers in 2017, and the series generated some 1.15 million new Prime signups.

Another original series that resonated with viewers was “The Grand Tour,” which reportedly attracted 1.5 million views by new Prime members. After crunching the numbers, Amazon concluded that it paid roughly $63 for every new Prime member attracted by “The Man in the High Castle” and $49 for members attracted by “The Grand Tour.” That’s a pretty decent return on investment considering that an Amazon Prime membership costs users $99 per year or $12.99 per month.

Of course, Amazon isn’t the only company that’s giving away free video games. Microsoft has been doing this for nearly four years through its Games with Gold program. Gamers with an active Xbox Live Gold membership can download free Xbox One or Xbox 360 games to their console. In February, for instance, Microsoft gave away “Zombi” and “Shadow Warrior.” For March, it’s giving away “Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India” and “Trials of the Blood Dragon.” Like Amazon’s new giveaway, games offered through Microsoft’s Games with Gold program are completely free and never expire.


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