USHEALTH Advisors, the HOPE Initiative and the Importance of Storytelling for Business



Every day that you are alive and healthy is a miracle. Whether you believe it or not, your moment of change occurs once you open your eyes to every tiny miracle happening every minute of your life. Here is an inspiring story of USHEALTH Advisors agent Randy Hildebrandt and a little about his biggest inspiration, Nolan Ryan.


The Baseball Player Nolan Ryan


Nolan is perhaps the most successful baseball pitcher in his time, making history whenever he played. His successful career in Major League Baseball ended in 1993 after 13 years. He made 5,714 strikeouts, an achievement that made him the best pitcher that the game of baseball has ever known. His 13-year career included playing for two Texas teams: the Rangers and the Astros.


Randy Hildebrandt


Hildebrandt was born and raised in Texas. As a young man, he looked up to Nolan Ryan. He had a great passion for baseball, which is why he wanted to be just as successful as his idol. While in high school at Anderson Shiro, he was one of the best baseball players. However, an unfortunate shoulder injury during his senior year changed things for Randy.

Although his surgery went well, and he got to play baseball at Blinn College, he was not very successful. Randy says that a successful player is the talk of everyone, but when an injury hits, the player is considered a liability. His injury made it hard for him to pitch as well as he used to.


When his baseball dreams were cut short, Randy decided that he was going to put his efforts and his success into something else. He went on to major in business and economics at A&M. He did not do well at all in school—in fact, he only chose to study economics and business because they led to a highly paying career.

In order to make ends meet in school, he worked as a bartender and a waiter. He also managed to save $2,000 as a result. After graduating, Randy was still unsure of what he wanted in life. Though convincing him was not easy, Randy later joined Connie to sell insurance in Round Rock, TX.






While working in Round Rock, Randy looked for a mentor who decided to dedicate the next 12 months to giving him advice and showing him how to be successful. His mentor told him that by the time the first year was over, Randy would be the most highly paid person among the students that he graduated with.




Randy’s friend Kevin and Lucy, his wife, were instrumental in changing his life. In 2012, they convinced him to apply for a job at USHEALTH Advisors, which he did. He was also able to have a conversation with the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge, which greatly inspired him. Randy says that Troy is the kindest, most caring, and passionate person he has ever met. Troy has taught him how to be a successful leader and producer at USHEALTH Advisors by always doing the right thing and caring for all his clients.



Randy and HOPE (Helping Other People Everyday)


With HOPE, USHEALTH Advisors (USHA) works to transform the lives of many people on a daily basis. Founded in 2010 by Troy McQuagge, the HOPE initiative first began in 2010. The first project for HOPE included building houses for people who lost their homes to Hurricane Katrina. In 2011, HOPE donated thousands of dollars to buy clothes, shoes, and baby formula for the Crisis Nursery, which is a not-for-profit shelter for kids in Phoenix.


In 2012, USHEALTH Advisors fulfilled HOPE’s mission by giving a check worth over $25,000 to HOPEKids Arizona, a non-profit organization for helping families of kids with cancer. In 2013, they donated $45,000 to a subsidiary of HOPEKids located in North Texas.


The Personal Life of Randy


Randy is happily married to his wife, Ashley. Ashley has one child, a son named Rylan, from a previous relationship. He is so grateful for his family and especially for his wife, who he says is God-fearing, caring, and loving. She is a devoted wife and mother who recently gave birth to a second son named Kingston. The couple is happy to face the challenge of parenthood together. Given that they both come from large families, they value family very much.

Thanks to , Randy, his wife, and his children are all thriving today.


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