Talk Fusion Announced that It Has a New Product in the Works


The executives at Talk Fusion have recently made an announcement. The award-winning video communication company released a statement that informed the public that its personal product testers would be trying out the company’s latest product. The “VIP Product Council” has the exclusive honor of being the first customers to try the new Video Chat application. The product received a full upgrade and will be released this quarter. This is only the beginning because Talk Fusion will make several announcements such as this one throughout the year, and the company plans to make full use of the VIP Product Council as each WebRTC-powered innovation is introduced.

Video Chat has just been upgraded to contain an entirely rebuilt interface, and the VIP Product Council members will be the only ones who will be privileged to become acquainted with it. The new interface will include a contact management system, boundless group messaging, perpetual chat rooms, personalized URLs, audio calls, desktop sharing and quick file sharing. This product will show the world what it has to look forward to in 2018.

Talk Fusion’s CEO Bob Reina stated that all of the company’s new products will offer customers new designs, new capabilities and new features this year. Mr. Reina was extremely happy to be making this announcement, and he promised that his company’s innovations will absolutely thrill everyone.

In 2016, Video Chat won the honor of being named Communications Solutions Product of the Year and WebRTC Product of the Year, but Mr. Reina is certain that the new version is going to be even more impressive than the original product with its remarkable range of capabilities and simplicity.

Bob Reina appreciates the fact that technology gives us the opportunity to make continuous improvements. The VIP Product Council is in an enviable position because members will be enjoying the new product while others can only imagine what it must be like. They will know exactly how Talk Fusion is going to shoot the new Video Suite into the stratosphere.

The company currently has customers in more than 140 countries, so plenty of respondents filled out applications to be considered for the council. After the company launched the application process, it received more than enough to choose 300 individuals. These are the people who will have access to the secret product-testing interface as well as an introduction to imminent improvements and feature lists. They will also be on a private mailing list that will give them access to new innovations so that products can be tested on a worldwide scale.

Mr. Reina’s company develops its own technology and products, but they also market them, so they believe that it is crucial for them to receive feedback from their customers. He envisioned a council that consisted of members from all corners of the globe who would be able to give their opinions on every aspect of each recently created product before the company releases them to the public. Bob Reina believes that the VIP Product Council is going to help the company reach its goals this year.

The Company

Talk Fusion is a video communication company that creates its own products. Some of the products that this company showcases are social networking products, broadcasting products and video conferencing products, but its flagship product was Video Email.

Founder and CEO Bob Reina stumbled upon the idea for Video Email when he was walking through a house that he thought he might like to purchase. Bob wanted to know what his friends and family members thought of the house, so he thought that he would send them a video through his email account, but when he tried to do this, AOL told him it couldn’t be done. Bob made a point of finding a way to do what AOL said couldn’t be done, and he succeeded.

Video Email

Video Email became Talk Fusion’s first product, and it makes it possible for users to put a video inside of an email. In order to use the product, the user must have a video camera. Then, they can upload their videos to Talk Fusion’s portal where they may also add text. The product contains several templates that customers may choose to create their emails. When the email is complete, they can send it to one person or an entire email list. This service also comes with pre-recorded emails for those who do not like to record their own videos.

Video Suite

Talk Fusion also has a complete set of products called “Video Suite” that give customers several of the company’s products in one place. Video Suite includes Video Email, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, Video Chat and Sign-Up Forms.

Fusion on the Go

Along with the products listed above, Talk Fusion has also introduced a video chat app. The app is called the “Fusion on the Go” app, and users can take advantage of the Video Email feature from there to record video, choose a pre-recorded video and compose an email message.


  1. Talk Fusion’s Video chat application used to be good, but with this new update, I’d say it’s gotten even better. I’m also very excited about the new designs and features. If Bob says it’s going to be thrilling I’m tempted to believe him.


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