Siteline Cabinetry: Helping Designers Create Exceptional Kitchens

Pat Corsi - Siteline Cabinetry
Pat Corsi - Siteline Cabinetry

Custom cabinetry is a luxury every homeowner dreams of having, but the cost of customization prevents many homeowners from enjoying their ideal kitchen. Although custom cabinetry required manual work in the recent past, modern machinery can help to bring down the cost of customizing cabinetry by automating the production process. Siteline cabinetry is revolutionary because it leverages modern technology to deliver custom cabinetry at costs that are comparable to prefabricated products. Since Siteline cabinetry’s products are built for unique kitchens, the company focuses on serving the needs of designers who plan custom kitchens on behalf of homeowners. By working closely with designers, Siteline cabinetry can actualize the full potential of modern technology to deliver customized products that offer exceptional value.

Importance of Serving Designers

Homeowners are the final buyers of almost all cabinets that are produced, so manufacturers generally focus their marketing efforts on homeowners. However, with custom cabinetry, designers serve an important role in helping homeowners to identify cabinets that fit their unique needs. Designers also use modern drafting software to plan every aspect of a new kitchen to ensure compliance with building codes and reduce uncertainty for homeowners. When cabinet manufacturers expect to work directly with a homeowner, value is lost because inexperienced homeowners cannot make purchasing decisions as effectively as a professional designer. Siteline cabinetry, therefore, focuses on working with professional designers who possess sufficient expertise to make decisions that add value on behalf of their clients.

The Power of Enterprise Resource Planning

The modern drafting software used by designers presents opportunities for improved customization when building cabinets. To make use of the data that designers generate when drafting a new kitchen, Siteline cabinetry developed two ERP systems that help designers add value for their clients. The first ERP system was developed to enable designers to maximize customization within the limits of modern technology when ordering prefabricated units. A computerized system enables designers to make advanced decisions about customization without getting bogged down by having to explain all the details of their project to a sales representative. The second ERP system is used internally by Siteline cabinetry to maximize the efficiency of the production process. Designers can use data from Siteline cabinetry’s internal ERP system to monitor their orders and plan ahead for the final shipment date.

Siteline Cabinetry’s New Facility

The Corsi Group built a dedicated production facility in Keysville, Va., that is designed to minimize lead times and costs within the limits of modern technology. The original facility chosen by the Corsi Group had 50,000 square feet, but an additional 47,000 square feet of space was added to make room for the machinery that the company’s engineers recommended. Additional space is available for further expansion in the future as Siteline cabinetry continues to grow. The entire facility built for Siteline cabinetry is designed by engineers to optimize workflows using data that comes from the internal ERP system.

Engineering to Achieve Results

Exceptional engineering is the cornerstone of Siteline cabinetry’s ability to add value since the company makes extensive use of technology throughout its production process. The original facility used by Siteline cabinetry was the product of meticulous research and planning by qualified engineers who understand how to utilize modern technology to achieve lean production. Siteline cabinetry opened its facility in 2015, and it has continued to employ engineers who work to integrate the latest technology into its production process. In addition to achieving high levels of customization using prefabricated products, Siteline cabinetry’s engineers managed to develop an efficient facility that can deliver lead times as low as four weeks.

Modern Equipment at Siteline Cabinetry’s Facility

Siteline cabinetry utilizes a wide range of modern equipment to achieve results with the help of modern technology. The company has a CNC router that is capable of using three-dimensional models to cut cabinet trim into any shape. A 500-foot vertical finishing line was incorporated into Siteline cabinetry’s production process to offer plenty of space for planks of any size. Siteline cabinetry is capable of processing veneers, hardwoods, plywood, plastic, 3DL, and other materials that designers use for new kitchens. In total, Siteline cabinetry can offer 289 finish options for designers.

How Siteline Cabinetry Serves Designers

Serving the needs of designers was the final goal of Siteline cabinetry’s efforts to build an exceptional production facility and develop its ERP systems. Siteline cabinetry can, therefore, deliver prefabricated products that offer almost every degree of customization a designer could demand. Even the website that Siteline cabinetry uses is dedicated to helping designers find solutions that match their needs. Siteline cabinetry partners with designers to help them understand how to leverage its products to achieve superior results for their clients.

The Value of Siteline Cabinetry for Homeowners

Siteline cabinetry’s emphasis on serving designers helps the final customer to get superior results. When designers work with Siteline cabinetry, homeowners can rest assured that they will not face the possibility of being upsold by an unscrupulous manufacturer on a product they do not need. Independent designers who work with Siteline cabinetry can avoid conflicts of interest in the buying process by keeping their incentives aligned with the final customer. The products built by Siteline cabinetry are designed to retain their value and offer high functionality. Siteline cabinetry’s technology also helps to reduce costs while giving buyers a wider range of options than ordinary manufacturers can offer.

The Future of Siteline Cabinetry

The Corsi Group’s passion for innovation will continue to drive Siteline cabinetry to increase the value of its offerings for designers and homeowners. Siteline cabinetry has been careful to control growth so that learning can be leveraged to its fullest potential. As data technologies continue to improve, Siteline cabinetry will be in an ideal position to capitalize on continued progress. Designers who work with Siteline cabinetry will be able to pass on the benefits of the additional improvements that Siteline cabinetry achieves to their customers, and this will increase the value of a designer when building a custom kitchen. Siteline cabinetry, therefore, is a revolutionary solution that is succeeding at disrupting the cabinet manufacturing industry.

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