Podcasts Could Be The Next Big Thing For Television


When the television came along, it was believed that it had largely killed radio. Who would want to sit around and listen to something when one could have an audio and visual experience at the same time? The fact was, TV did help to bring about a decrease in radio listening. However, we never completely lost our love for hearing great stories. Perhaps that explains why podcasts have become so wildly popular.

There are new shows released all the time when it comes to podcasts. Those shows pop up in all different types of genres. Now, Engadget.com is reporting that some of the podcasts are so popular that they have managed to spawn television shows all of their own.

HBO recently teamed up with “Pod Save America” to work on creating a new politically-themed TV show for the network. For those who don’t know, “Pod Save America” is a political podcast that reports on the day’s political news from a quirky and funny prospective. What listeners have been enjoying as a podcast will soon be coming to a television screen near you.

The network is believed to be making deals with different podcasts to form them into television shows in order to find new audiences. They had a big upswing in viewership with Game of Thrones, but now they are searching to continue that success.

Since HBO is a paid service, it needs to maintain a large enough paid viewer base to remain successful. It does not have to have massive hits under its belt. As long as the network can claim some successes along the way to maintain a certain level of subscription, it will be fine.

Podcasts are particularly popular with a younger audience. In case you did not know, that younger audience is a very coveted part of the media landscape these days. Not only do younger people have their own disposable income, but they have a lot of influence over what becomes popular or not within many industries. When you put that together, you can start to see why the network might want to use podcasts as their new way of reaching a more diverse audience. They have to keep things fresh in order to continue to make money.

It is clear now that more podcasts could be adapted into television shows in the near future. Most others are just waiting to see what level of success HBO does or does not have with this move first.


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