New App Keeps Track Of The Flu And Other Illnesses


There is a new app called Doctors Report Illness Tracker that allows people to keep track of the flu and other illnesses in their area. All one has to do is enter their zipcode, and they will get a list of the top 15 illnesses in their area. The information is pulled from diagnosis codes in the area.

The users will get a map of the illness. They also have the option of breaking down information by illness and age. Dr. Kristin Woodward is a pediatric anesthesiologist who works in the Denver area. She stated that this app can be helpful for people who are at an increased risk of developing complications from the flu such as senior citizens and children who are under the age of 5.

Dr. Woodward believes that the app can be helpful for people who plan to travel with a newborn. She has two children of her own. Both children are healthy, so the information on the app will not change her day-to-day plans. However, she says that it is important to know this information. She always tells her children that they need to avoid touching their face and washing their hands.

There is also a website called Doctors Report Illness Tracker. You can download the app for free from Google Store or the App store. You can also download it from Amazon. Additionally, you can visit

The website and app have tips that can help prevent the spread of infectious illness. They recommend that people wash their hands. It is estimated that half of people carry staph bacteria on their mouth, hands, skin and hair. Staph bacteria can cause illness.

Handwashing education can help cut grade school absenteeism in half. It can also reduce the risk of upper respiratory infection on college campuses by 40 percent. Additionally, shared surfaces should be wiped down.


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