Momument Valley Creator Launches New Game Called Florence


Video games can certainly cover a wide range of subjects. You’ll find that many types of video games are concerned with combat and fighting. Nearly every few years, games including Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto top video game charts and set many records. While there is a place for these types of video games, the industry has seen especially creative game creators making new experiences. One such creator is Ken Wong, the man behind the newly released mobile game Florence.

Those playing this game will take on the role of the title character Florence, a 25-year old female who is looking to fall in love. Players will notice that the main theme of Florence is love, something that is contrary to the themes of many major video game releases. While it’s true that there are mobile games that are concerned with the main character falling love, Wong hopes that his experience is unique. Engadget reports that Wong was quoted as wanting Florence to present “how women experience the world.” In addition, Ken Wong wanted Florence to be a Chinese-Australian character, like the creator of this game. He hopes that the decision to include a Chinese-Australian and Indian-Australian will continue to present relationships in a different light from what is seen in most video games.

Throughout the game, players will live life as Florence who falls in love with a man named Krish. This game is noted for how it offers a look at being in a relationship from an honest an open perspective. Florence wants to present a world that makes the player feel as if they are in a real-life relationship, not a fairy tale that is often seen in many movies and television shows. Florence was released on February 14th and is currently available on iOS devices.

In closing, the creator of the massively popular game Monument Valley has created another game called Florence. Throughout this game, players live their lives as Florence who is a woman looking to fall in love. The bulk of this game focuses on Florence and her new relationship with a man named Krishna. The creator of this game, Ken Wong wanted to present Florence as a way for players to experience how the ups and downs of love through taking part in her journey.


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