Mark Zuckerberg Revealed These Plans For Facebook’s Immediate Future


As you’re probably already aware of, Facebook traffic recently dropped a whopping 50 million hours per day. With its 2,000,000,000-plus monthly users, the drop isn’t that big of a deal. However, because Facebook has grown continually since its foundation more than a decade ago, Mark Zuckerberg and company realize that it’s important to prevent even more users from spending less time on the social networking site.

The Statistic Of Hours Spent On The Platform Per Day Is Directly Related To Business Success

Facebook’s revenues are linked directly to time spent using its interface.

According to its official statistics found on its website, Facebook has a reach of roughly 2.13 billion individuals on a monthly basis, as of December, 2017. It also brings in an astounding 1.4 billion daily users from around the world.

If we allocate the drop in time spent on Facebook per user – to refresh, Facebook has recently started to experience a drop in website usage by about 50 million hours per day – across its 1.4 billion daily users, we find that…

1,400,000,000 Daily Users / 50,000,000 Hours Lost Per Day = 0.035 (Hours Lost)/User/Day

Let’s simplify (Hours Lost) to Hours for the sake of simplicity. Now, if we convert hours lost per user per day to minutes…

0.035 Hours/User/Day * 60 Minutes/Hour = 2.1 Minutes/User/Day

The fact that Facebook has lost 2.1 minutes of daily browsing time spent on its interface, across both mobile and desktop platforms, per daily user is something that Facebook should be – and very much is – concerned about.

Founder Mark Zuckerberg Wants This Out Of His Social Media Platform Creation

Mark Zuckerberg released a statement earlier this week that stated, “We’re focused on making sure Facebook isn’t just fun to use, but also good for people’s well-being and for society.”

This seems like a solid, self-aware move by the technology and Internet guru, as statistics regarding the incidence of depression, anxiety, and suicide have increased since the advent of social media. Many experts believe that there is a link between social media use – not to say that only Facebook has this problem, as all known social media platforms do – and negative mental health outcomes.

Zuckerberg also shared that he wants to see fewer viral videos on Facebook, “unless users are having back-and-forth conversations in the comments section.”


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