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Jeff Yastine Cyber Security

Jeff Yastine recently published an article through Banyan Hill about cybersecurity investing. At the beginning of the article, he mentioned that his college professors who taught investigative reporting classes always told him to follow the money. After college, he said that their advice was useful in developing effective thinking in relation to investing. He explained that cash flooding into stocks will cause them to move higher, and this means that an investor’s job becomes simpler. Jeff Yastine studied at the University of Florida. In 1986, he graduated with a degree in telecommunications. He also had a special focus in electronic journalism, which serves him well today as a respected investment advice writer.

Who Is Jeff Yastine?

Jeff Yastine brings valuable experience with him to Banyan Hill Publishing. He worked for PBS Nightly Business Report in the 1990s, and many of his older followers remember his advice from that time. He was a senior correspondent at PBS. As a respected figure, Jeff Yastine worked hard to find intriguing news about the stock market, and he spent countless hours analyzing what he found to produce compelling and insightful reports. His areas of specialty were business, finance and economics with a focus on trending topics. In addition to receiving a nomination for an Emmy Award, Jeff Yastine developed a strong following while he was there. After his time at PBS, Jeff Yastine oversaw financial newsletter production at Newsmax Media and directed the editing department of the Oxford Club. With his extensive knowledge and proven record of giving valuable advice, Jeff Yastine has helped many investors make smart decisions. Jeff Yastine is known for giving helpful predictions before many other experts release them. This is why readers are especially interested in what he has to say about cybersecurity investing.

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Today’s Cybersecurity Situation

Venture capitalists have invested $7.6 billion during the past year in startups. That number was almost double the amount of the previous year’s investments. Deals were competitive and took place quickly. Jeff Yastine said that venture capitalists invested in a total of 548 companies, which was a 17 percent increase from the number of companies that were invested in the year before. In the article, Jeff Yastine referenced a prediction that was made a few years ago by CSO Online. The prediction was that spending would increase sharply by at least 12 percent and by as much as 15 percent in terms of year-over-year growth before 2022 arrives.

Cybersecurity Opportunities

In his article, Jeff Yastine said that hits to the cybersecurity industry keep coming. He mentioned the Equifax breach that happened last year. That event led to the compromise of credit history information for 145 million people after thieves took data from the agency’s databases. As 2018 arrived, news of ARM, AMD and Intel being in trouble for security flaws surfaced. The two major security flaws that were discovered exist in processors. The cybersecurity industry will see an influx of money during 2018 and beyond as more companies and government agencies invest in upgrading their security.¬†Jeff Yastine said that this was evident after looking into the Total Wealth Insider portfolio’s stocks during the last year. In the past four months alone, aggregate gains exceeded 50 percent.

With the ETFMG Prime Security ETF, Jeff Yastine said that the same idea applies. He pointed out that he had recommended investing in the stock in August last year. The exchange-traded fund’s shares have increased by more than 12 percent since Jeff Yastine first started recommending investing in them. Since there are many other lucrative investment opportunities in the cybersecurity world, Jeff Yastine said that it is important to pay attention to trends. People may speculate about the value of cryptocurrencies. However, entrepreneurs are still experimenting with making the internet a safer place by developing security applications that use blockchain technology. Following the news of Intel and AMD facing problems with security flaws in their processors, Jeff Yastine said that any firm making digital sensors, chips or other types of hardware must analyze potential flaw risks more carefully in their products. If there are flaws, they must develop solutions to avoid costly problems.

Jeff Yastine concluded his article by sharing an old Wall Street phrase, which says that all boats are lifted by a rising tide. He pointed out that the phrase is applicable to the current situation with cybersecurity stocks. For readers who missed it, Jeff Yastine also recently recommended the top Amazon competitors to invest in for the coming year. His other articles are available on the Banyan Hill site. The hardy banyan tree was the inspiration for Banyan Hill Publishing’s name. Banyan tree roots do not just grow downward and become thinner. They are thick and spread deep into the ground as the tree branches out and flourishes. In the same way, Banyan Hill hopes to give its members and readers a stronger foundation while aiding their growth. Jeff Yastine is committed to upholding that philosophy.

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