Apple Says It Stores iCloud Data on Google’s Servers


Being that iCloud is an exclusively owned and operated by Apple, you’d think the Cupertino-based tech company uses its own servers for the cloud-based storage platform. However, new reports have emerged, revealing that Apple stores iCloud data on its competitor Google’s servers.

As explained by CNBC, this revelation was made in January when Apple published updated the iOS Security Guide on its official website. Apple frequently updates this guide to reflect changes in cybersecurity and provide users with the best possible recommendations. In this latest version, however, Apple confirms that iCloud is powered by Google Cloud Platform.

The extent to which Apple relies on Google Cloud Platform remains unknown. Apple confirmed that iCloud objects, such as pictures and videos, are stored on Google’s servers, but the company didn’t reveal whether it was using Google’s servers for other iCloud processes.

Of course, Apple’s decision to use Google Cloud Platform for its iCloud service shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who keeps up with the two powerhouse tech companies. In 2016, Google sold Apple the rights to use its cloud-computing platform for some of its own services. While neither company disclosed the specifics of the deal, rumors suggest that Apple paid Google between $400 million and $600 million.

Originally released 2011, iCloud is Apple’s signature cloud-storage and cloud-computing platform. Like other cloud storage services, it allows iOS users to store their data on a remote server. Rather than storing files locally on their iPhone, iPad or Max, for example, users can store their files on iCloud. Once uploaded, users can access their files from any computer with an internet connection.

In addition to improved accessibility, iCloud also saves valuable disk space on devices. If a user has 30GB of pictures and videos on his or her iPhone, they can move them to iCloud.

Google also launched its cloud service, the Google Cloud Platform, in 2011. Using the same technology powering popular services like Google Search and YouTube, Google Cloud Platform has become one of the leading cloud-computing services. And with Apple using it to power iCloud, we’ll probably see more users flock to Google’s cloud platform.


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