Apple iPhone X Production Slowed due to Lowering Sales, NewsWatch TV Reviews

newswatch tv reviews

According to NewsWatch TV, Apple has allegedly slashed its production of the iPhone X by about half because of less than impressive sales during the holiday gift buying season. According to unnamed sources, Apple has scaled back on the 40 million units of the iPhone X it had intended to crank out in the first quarter of this year. The report claims that production number has been cut in half to 20 million phones.

Additional reports claim Apple plans to ax the iPhone X completely after the release of their next phone in 2018. Although the iPhone X has sold millions of units, it still has underperformed compared to what the expectations were for it.

More About the iPhone X

When news first broke that Apple would be offering the iPhone X, people were both intrigued and unsure of whether the steep price tag would be worth it. Although the iPhone X offered more cutting-edge technology than other Apple phones, at $1,000, it also came with a much heftier price tag than Apple’s other phones.

That kind of cost makes the X phone unaffordable for many people, and is especially intimidating for people who seem to break or lose their phones a lot. A phone that costs more than a month’s mortgage is a hard pill to swallow for some people.

The iPhone X uses Face ID instead of Touch ID – and it even works in dark rooms. This feature uses a camera that scans a person’s face and unlocks the phone when it recognizes the user. This technology adds another layer of security to devices, which can help protect payment information and other critical and private items users keep on their phones.

On top of that, the iPhone X offers a bigger display screen but a smaller overall phone, which was accomplished by getting rid of the home button. Without that button, the display screen goes from the top to the bottom of the face of the phone. And because the phone is smaller, it’s easier to hold in your hand, especially for women with smaller hands.

The Reviews of the iPhone X

Most reviews of the iPhone X have been favorable for the performance it offers. NewsWatch TV’s Nick Gambino offered his own review of the phone. Like many other reviewers, Gambino, a script writer and tech beat contributor for NewsWatch, noted the high price tag of the phone and how that kept the phone out of reach financially for many potential customers.

Gambino was pleased with the design of the phone as well as its performance, noting how fast it is and giving a thumbs-up to the screen.

Other reviewers shared those sentiments about the speed of the phone and it has also been praised for its great camera feature. The camera is particularly great, compared to some of the competition, in low-light situations.

Reviewers also have really liked the sharp-looking screen on this phone.

NewsWatch Helping Potential Consumers Cut Through the Hype

NewsWatch TV is a television show that first aired in 1989 and continues to help people stay informed about the world around them and make decisions about the products that might make their lives more enjoyable or easier.

To date, NewsWatch has aired more than 1,000 episodes. Although it is headquartered in Washington, D.C., the heart of the nation, it also has other offices in the U.S., including Virginia, New York, and Colorado.

NewsWatch draws big names onto its show – both in the business world and in the celebrity world. It has had A-list celebrities as guests and some of the biggest names in various industries, like Toyota, Suave, and Ford.

NewsWatch can be viewed on a number of different platforms, giving wide reach to its audiences. It can be seen on The AMC Network, Dish Network, DirecTV, and Ion Network. Shown all over the country, it is available to more than 96 million households.

It’s also accessible by computer and on social media. NewsWatch has recorded over four million hits on its YouTube channel since it first aired in 2012.

Why Companies Love NewsWatch

Viewers aren’t the only ones who trust NewsWatch – companies do too. NewsWatch has a long history of giving viewers the lowdown on products that they may want to consider using. And that gives companies a large and trusted platform from which to share their newest innovations and must-have items.

When product sales are less than overwhelming, companies have a history of turning to NewsWatch TV to work its promotional magic.

NewsWatch TV has a reputation for promoting products in one-minute segments that really boost sales.

To keep up with the technology world, in 2012, NewsWatch created an AppWatch feature. This feature helps people learn about the latest and greatest mobile apps and how they can be used to streamline or improve their lives.

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