Apple and Cisco Partner With Insurance Firm to Promote Cybersecurity


Two of the world’s largest tech companies have joined forces with the insurance firm Allianz to help businesses protect against cyber threats. Under this new partnership, businesses that use Apple or Cisco cybersecurity products will receive better deals on cyber insurance through Allianz.

According to TechCrunch, Allianz decided to partner with Apple and Cisco because they offer superior cybersecurity solutions. Cisco, for instance, offers a suite of security solutions designed specifically for the protection of ransomware. Known as the Ransomware Defense suite, it includes endpoint protection, malicious site blocking and email security.

Ransomware remains one of the biggest cyber threats facing businesses and consumers alike. According to Barkly, a new ransomware attack occurs every 40 seconds. Ransomware differs from traditional malware in the sense that it seeks to extort money from the victim. Once deployed on a victim’s computer or network, it typically encrypts the victim’s files while subsequently demanding the victim pay a ransom. The problem, however, is that many victims who pay the ransom don’t regain access to their locked files.

Cisco’s Ransomware Defense suite is a smart investment for business owners. Using this advanced set of cybersecurity solutions, business owners can protect themselves and their business from the growing threat of ransomware. And with this newly formed partnership between Apple, Cisco and Allianz, business owners who use the Ransomware Defense suite will save money on their cyber insurance premiums and deductibles.

Apple, on the other hand, provides a naturally safe and secure digital environment for iOS users. The Cupertino-based company says it vets iOS hardware, software and services to protect users from cyber threats. Additionally, iOS users can take advantage of Apple’s native encryption technology as well as networking protocols like virtual private networks (VPNs).

Cybersecurity has become a core focus among business owners today. With a growing number of attacks, however, the cost of cyber insurance has also increased. This new alliance provides cost-savings benefits to users of Apple and Cisco’s cybersecurity solutions.


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