Women in technology & Bitcoin ft. Lori Senecal


The tech world is mostly considered a realm of men. That’s why you will rarely hear that tech companies are founded or ran by women. But as you can imagine, things become even grimmer if you think about how many women are involved in the bitcoin world. Even if Bitcoin was launched 8 years ago or so, it still didn’t spark too much interest until this year. And until 2017, more than 95% of all Bitcoin users were male. The same thing goes when it comes to Bitcoin companies too.

This is a male-dominated field, and that wouldn’t be a problem if we talked about a hobbyist group. But bitcoin is now transformed into a very fruitful business and that’s leading up to some problems for the small female community that doesn’t have a large representation here. But as you know, even sites like 4chan and Reddit tend to have small female communities, this happens all over the tech world. Yet the Bitcoin world has the potential to become a huge business, and obviously there are some caveats in this situation.

Basically, the Bitcoin industry is strongly connected to coders. Usually, this is the type of profession that’s male driven, with not too many female coders found out there. However, as that continues to change, a similar shift can be seen in the case of Bitcoin too.

According to Bloomberg, more and more women are focused on cryptocurrencies. In fact, 4 out of 30 major initial coin offerings (ICOs) were created by women in 2017 alone. So there is a great shift towards a larger and more comprehensive female community in the Bitcoin industry. Popular opinion and common sense both hold that there must be a larger female presence in Bitcoin and tech world as a whole.

There are also lots of female CEOs that do help take their companies to new heights. That’s exactly what Lori Senecal did for advertising firm CP+B. Her great work as a CEO for the company and the way she thinks about the industry has managed to shift the tech world to new heights.

Who is Lori Senecal?

Lori is a self-described introvert. She is mostly focused on delivering a lot of hard work and commitment to the tasks at hand. She has a steely countenance, and she’s also not a person focused on looks. In fact, she mostly wears either all-black or navy blue attires. This is shared by lots of CEOs in the tech world if you think about it, with Mark Zuckerberg being a very good example in this regard.

After carefully studying and preparing for a career in the tech world, Lori Senecal did manage to become the MDC partners helping agent for those companies that wanted to focus on globalization. A thing to note about Lori is that she did accomplish a lot in the past 8 years. In fact, she was a global CEO for two of the most prized shops of the MDC.

In fact, she had a very good run at the KBS, and that led Senecal to the CEO position for CP+B. At the same time, she even received an extra title when she became the MDC Partner Network CEO.

What makes her stand out in the tech world?

There’s a reason why a person manages to stay in the CEO position for more than a few months. Lori Senecal has quite the reputation for being brought in companies during critical transitioning periods. Lori knows how to create a proper globalization strategy. She also knows exactly what it means to improve the business world and how to help a company grow adequately. Reaching amazing results like this is always going to be a problem for some people, but Lori does a stellar job at making the experience outstanding and unique.

For CP+B, Lori focused on the company’s global growth and expansion. Aside from that, she also managed the coordination of all 10 international offices. She also focused on the continued development on the company. Despite joining the company only in 2015, she managed to make a stellar impact on the company culture and the way it works.

Thanks to her tremendous work, CP+B has managed to grow and how the agency is globalized, internationalized and more focused on invention, which is very important.

It’s Lory’s focus on talent and leadership that has pushed the company to new heights. Thanks to her focus on growth, now the company was recognized as one of the “Creativity Innovators of the Year”. Not only that, but the company has managed to acquire some important businesses like Hershey, Infinity, American Airlines and many others.

Managerial style

If there’s one thing that a lot of people want to debate about Lori Senecal, that’s definitely her managerial style. It’s hard to argue about the experience that she can deliver, but the best part here is that she always tries to actively help just about all portions of CP+B. That managed to boost her popularity with employees.

And then there’s the fact that she also supports women. In fact, she always tried to show everyone that women do have a major role in the tech world. She managed to work towards bringing female marketing executives to LA. As a woman herself, Lori believes that women can help the tech world and their vision can do wonders for many companies.

But that doesn’t mean she is universally applauded. Senecal is a complicated character and one that doesn’t really fill the mold of what a tech CEO should be. And honestly that’s a great thing. It’s a lot easier for her to take things to new heights and it does work extremely well because of that. Not only that, but her focus on the process and profitability isn’t shared by everyone. Yet you wouldn’t expect a CEO to be loved by everyone, so this is exactly as you would imagine in the end.

Plus, as we mentioned earlier, Lori is a shy person and an introvert. Becoming a CEO in the world of men wasn’t easy for her. She brings a calm and interesting attitude to the table and knowledge that a lot of male CEOs still struggle to offer at this time. That shows how focused she is, and how much that helps the industry at this time.

The only important complaint you will hear about Lori Senecal is that she continually tends to dismiss the agency staff. There are a few concerns of nepotism too since her husband does take control of the business at times when necessary.

Leaving CP+B

After making a huge impact in the tech world, Lori Senecal is leaving her company at the end of the year. While there’s no clear indication where she will go next, it’s safe to say that Lori did a stellar work for CP+B, so she won’t find it tough to get a new job. As we mentioned earlier, she always seems to be the perfect solution for companies that struggle to find their direction. So, she may work with another tech company rather soon. For the time being, she ensures that the transition is very smooth and the company won’t be affected by her leaving the CEO title to someone else.

Lori Senecal is the perfect example of a successful woman CEO in an industry dominated by men. But she is a clear indication that women do have what it takes to handle the tech and bitcoin world. Thanks to Lori’s knowledge, expertise, and focus, she managed to help her business grow beyond belief, and she did that in just 2 years. This shows the true power of the industry, and it also goes to show just how amazing her role in all of this is. One thing is certain; more women should consider targeting the tech world, as there’s a lot of promise and reward to be had in here!



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