Tech Trends to Look for at the 2018 CES


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is arguably the most anticipated event in the tech industry. Held annually in Las Vegas, it’s the perfect platform for unveiling new gadgets and products. Last year, it was a wearable ring with a built-in heart rate sensor that store the show. So, what kind of tech trends can you expect to see at the 2018 CES?

According to Business Insider, one major tech trend that’s sure to take the stage at CES is the next-generation wireless broadband standard, 5G. The new standard supports max download speeds of 10 Gbit/s, meaning it could replace consumers’ home broadband connections.

In addition to smartphones, other devices like self-driving cars and smart appliances are expected to use 5G. Eventually, it will become the de-facto standard for wireless connectivity before being replaced with 6G.

Business Insider also suggests that augmented reality (AR) will become a core focus of 2018 CES. Not to be confused with virtual reality (VR), AR allows the user to see elements of the real world mixed with elements of the virtual world. Several small tech companies are planning to unveil their AR products at CES.

Of course, we’ll probably see more voice-controlled digital assistant devices at 2018 CES. Last year, the online retailing giant Amazon announced it’s top-selling product for the holidays was the Echo Dot, a smaller and cheaper version of the Amazon Echo. Both the Echo and Echo Dot are voice-controlled personal assistant devices.

Amazon isn’t the only contender in the voice-controlled digital assistant marketplace. Google has a similar device called Google Home and Apple has the HomePod. Tech companies big and small are expected to unveil new digital assistant technology at this year’s CES.

Finally, we’ll probably see more automakers showcasing their products and technologies at CES. This is due to the gradual merging of modern technologies in automobiles. In previous years, automakers have revealed self-driving cars and infotainment systems at CES. Perhaps we’ll see similar announcements made this year.


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