Nintendo Switch Sets New Sales Records


If we look back in time, we can see that Nintendo has reigned supreme many times in gaming history. With the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1983, the first Nintendo hype was created. This was followed by the Super Nintendo buzz of 1990 and the N64 craze of 1996. Once holding the record for most consoles sold in 10 months was the Nintendo Wii. Each time that one of these consoles was released, it seemed as though there were new sales records reached. However, with the release of the new Nintendo Switch, a whole new level has been reached. Nintendo has now set a new record of the fastest-selling console in the United States.

Nintendo classics like Mario and Zelda have helped the Nintendo Switch to sell so quickly. In just 10 short months, Nintendo Switch has sold over 4.8 million consoles. One of the biggest reasons why the Nintendo Switch has done so well is due to the fact that gamers can play their favorite games at home or on the go. With so much technology taking a move towards mobile devices, Nintendo knew that they had to embrace this movement.

With over 300 games already available for Switch gamers, it is easy to see why these consoles have been flying off the shelves. Crowd favorites like Skyrim, L.A. Noir, Fifa, and the 2K series have all been ported to the Nintendo Switch. Games are much less console specific than they have been in the past. This greatly cuts down on the console wars of the past and focuses more on the true features of a console. It really is up to the console that has the best features. It seems now that the portability of the Nintendo Switch is winning over other competitors.

The future of the Nintendo Switch looks very bright. Many gamers all over the world are embracing the portability and other amazing features of this new console. It will be interesting to see what sales look like over the following years. There is a chance that the hype could die down and sales will become stagnant. However, with more games being released each month for this system, that is not likely. Nintendo has done a great job of bringing new updates to the Nintendo Switch on a regular basis. As long as Nintendo continues to appeal to their target market of gamers, the sky is the limit.


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