Niantic Unveils New Pokemon Go Event


Niantic has had a way with their loyal followers this past year as Pokemon Go fans have begun to coalesce around some of the more recent changes to the game. Pokemon Go has been, perhaps, one of the most exciting mobile game developments in recent memory. The augmented reality has largely worked well and the Triple-A IP has kept the title at the forefront of the conversation. In 2018, Niantic is looking to ingratiate more of a communal approach to the way that the game is played. This is manifesting itself by way of a new recurring event which is known as Community Days.

Community Days are going to be a monthly event hosted by Niantic that aims to increase activity within the title. The first Community Day event will be held on Saturday, January 20th for players on every corner of the planet. The event will start based on timezones with North America kicking off festivities at 11 AM PST. During this event, which is different from traditional events such as the Safari Zone or the Pokemon Go Fest from last year, players will be able to reap a host of encouraging benefits while simultaneously being pushed to interact more with other trainers within the game.

Community Days will feature a special window of time where people can catch special Pokemon while also earning double XP and other special bonuses. Niantic will also be using this time to put down three-hour Lure Modules on Pokestops around the world. During each Community Day, Niantic will be highlighting a special and rare Pokemon in order to entice trainers to get out and start capturing. For the January Community Days event, we will be seeing the special Surfing Pikachu from Pokemon Yellow. This rare Pikachu will be available at lures all over the world and will have the ability to perform the legendary surf technique from Pokemon Yellow.

Niantic has been more than busy with events and updates to the title over the past couple of months, they’ve been downright focused. Niantic recently introduced a weather system that changes Pokemon availability while simultaneously updating the battle system — during rainy weather, Water-type Pokemon will see stat boosts. We’ve also seen the release of the new AR+ function which changes how effective the augmented reality feature is, thus making the game feel more realistic and immersive. These are just a couple of new features that Niantic have been unveiling.


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