New Technology Can Spot Cancer Months Before It Occurs


Rajeev Suri is the CEO of Nokia. He stated that the company is currently working on technology that can spot cancer a few months before it develops. Rajeev recently spoke at the World Economic Forum, which is located in Switzerland. He talked about other devices that he plans to come out with in the future. This includes miniaturized wearable scanners, 5G ambulances and remote surgeries.

Rajeev stated that these new devices can potentially prevent problems from occurring. He also stated that biomarkers for cancer can be identified months before the disease develops. Rajeev stated that this is important because every day counts for cancer patients.

Nokia plans on using technology to shape healthcare in the future. They have a team that is dedicate to medical research. Rajeev also stated that the advent of 5G technology is making remote surgery even more of a possibility. In fact, a physician in Chicago could do remote surgery on someone in Hawaii using technology. The physician will be able to get the feedback from the robot.

A wearable sleeve is one of the other products that Nokia is working on. It has chips in it that can be used to keep track of information such as lactic acid level, glucose and cholesterol level. Rajeev stated that the wearable sleeve can fill the void and help doctors have continuous information about patients.

Additionally, Nokia is working on a 5G ambulance. They are working with the China Mobile Research Institute. Someone who has a heart attack on the street can be picked up by an ambulance that has hi-definition, cameras and 5G connectivity. The patient can be scanned while in the ambulance, and the information is transferred to the hospital. The patient can be diagnosed before they reach the hospital, which allows them to get better treatment.


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