Neurocore: Helping Athletes Get in “the Zone”


Athletes from all over the wide world of sports have recently begun to harness the power of their minds to increase their performance during game time. It is no secret that winning in any arena requires not only brute force or quick reflexes, it also requires mental acuity and the ability to outwit one’s opponent. Thanks to developments in brain mapping technology and neurofeedback techniques, Athletes are now able to see their brain wave activity in real-time and then train their brains to operate at peak performance.

Neurocore gets an Assist to the Portland Trailblazers

One NBA team that understands how neurotherapy will change sports for many years to come is the Portland Trailblazers. The franchise has collaborated with Neurocore Pro to develop a “Brain Room” as a part of the teams training facilities. The “Brain Room” uses the same technology available at Neurocore’s Brain Training Center, except it is right inside the Trailblazer’s facilities. Why is this important? Because the team can now hit the “Brain Room” as soon as the game is over which is ideal for recovery and allows players to relax and stay focused.
One Michigan-based Neurotherapy Center is working vigorously with the country’s top athletes to broaden the intersection between Neuroscience and Athletics. Established in 2004, Neurocore has worked with athletes from the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, LPGA, PGA and the Premier Football League. These elite athletes have discovered furthered success as a result of training the brain to maintain focus and stamina. Neurocore has recently begun offering their services to the athletic public which means brain training is not only for world-class athletes anymore. Here is how it works.

The Neurocore Process

At the heart of the Neurocore Process is the EEG. This device detects electrical activity in the brain using small electrodes. EEG were traditionally used to diagnose and treat brain disorders like a stroke, brain damage, and brain tumors. Neurocore clinicians use an electrode hat, if you will that Athletes fit comfortably on their heads during their sessions. Once clinicians place the electrodes on an athlete’s head then neurofeedback can begin.


Neurofeedback allows athletes to use the information gathered by the EEG to train their brain to maintain the proper balance of fast and slow-moving brainwaves. While neurofeedback is a complicated scientific process that has taken hundreds of years to perfect, neurofeedback sessions at Neurocore are easy as watching a movie.
Athletes undergoing neurofeedback training spend 30 minutes watching a movie of your choice while wearing the EEG cap. When the athlete is ready to begin their movie, they focus on maintaining optimal brainwaves. The film begins when the brain is in “the zone” and the movie stop’s when an athlete’s brain wanders. Overtime, athletes are able to train their brains to exert healthy, productive brain waves when they need it most. Gametime.

Heart Rate Variability

Heart rate variability training helps Athletes get the most out of their breathing to reduce stress and stay calm in pressure situations. At Neurocore, athletes train to synchronize their heart rate with their breathing which ultimately increases tolerance to stress and allows athletes to stay calm.

Visual Processing

Neurocore has recently integrated use of their NeuroTracker Visual Processing Training into their brain training program to increase awareness and decision-making in competitive situation. Athletes undergo short 12-minute visual processing training sessions during their visit to Neurocore.

Athletes incorporation of brain training will become a staple in training for Elite Athletes. But thanks to Neurocore, anyone can now train like an elite athlete and reap the benefits of brain training. If you are interested in Neurocore’s services for Athletes, please do not hesitate to visit their website or call 855.457.3644 for more information.

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