Microsoft Announces File Restoration Feature for OneDrive


Users of Microsoft’s cloud storage service OneDrive will soon be able to restore their files in the event of an accidental deletion or a cyber attack.

Like other cloud storage services, OneDrive allows users to store data on remote servers and access it from any computer or device connected to the internet. Whether a user is in his or her office, riding the bus or taking a vacation, they can access data by logging in to the cloud server. The downside to this convenience is an increased risk of cyber attack. If a hacker gains access to the cloud server, he or she could steal the user’s data.

As explained by TechRadar, Microsoft is preparing to release a new feature to protect OneDrive users’ data from accidental deletion and cyber attacks. Known as Files Restore, it will allow users to roll back their OneDrive account to a previous point. If a user’s OneDrive account was compromised, resulting in the deletion of his or her data, the user could restore their account to an earlier date.

Originally launched August 2007, OneDrive is Microsoft’s signature cloud storage service. It provides users with 5GB of free storage space. However, users can increase their storage space by paying a fee. In addition to cloud storage, OneDrive also supports file syncing.

Of course, OneDrive already has a file restoration feature. However, this feature is limited to 30 days for most users. If a user wants to restore his or her account to a point earlier than 30 days, they are typically out of luck. The only exception is when the user is signed into a work account and his or her file restoration settings adjusted.

Under the new Files Restore feature, OneDrive users can restore their account to any point. Whether it’s one week or one year, users can restore their account and mitigate the damage caused by cyber attacks.

File restoration features are often considered a double-edged sword. On one hand, they allow users to recover files lost from cyber attack or accidental deletion. On the other hand, it also means that data is never truly deleted. With all things considered, though, most users welcome OneDrive’s new Files Restore feature, believing it’s a helpful tool to protect against lost files.

Microsoft is planning to roll out its new Files Restore feature in the upcoming weeks.


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