Microsoft Announces Budget-Friendly Laptops


Move over Google, there’s a new budget-friendly laptop coming to the classroom. On January 22, Microsoft announced a new $189 laptop as part of its brand strategy to integrate Windows 10 into schools.

According to The Verge, the $189 100e laptop features an Intel Apollo Lake Celeron processor with a plastic case and basic design. It doesn’t feature all the bells and whistles as some of the more expensive laptops on the market, but it still runs the Windows 10 operating system. While other Windows 10 laptops cost $300 or more, the 100e is an attractive choice for budget-conscious consumers at just $189. The 100e is also backed by a strong brand name as it’s manufactured by Lenovo.

Google’s Chromebooks have largely dominated the classrooms. Running Google’s signature Chrome OS, they’ve become a popular choice among students and teachers alike. However, Chromebooks lack the functionality of full-fledged laptops running Windows 10. To capture a larger portion of the market, Microsoft is releasing several new laptops.

In addition to the 100e, Microsoft has also revealed two other laptops, both of which are being manufactured by JP. The Classmate Leap T303 is a mid-grade laptop priced at $199. It features Windows Hello, allowing users to log in to their Windows 10 account using biometrics like fingerprint or facial recognition. This eliminates the need for a password, creating a higher level of security while improving ease of use in the process.

The third laptop announced by Microsoft is the Trigono V401 2-in-1. Starting at $299, it’s the most expensive model of Microsoft’s new laptop trio. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about its specifications. Being that it features a 2-in-1 design, it’s safe to assume the Trigono can convert between a laptop and tablet. However, Microsoft has also offered some insight into the laptops’ design.

According to Microsoft, the Classmate Leap T303 and Trigono V401 are rugged laptops with a spill-resistant design. They also feature 2×2 Wi-Fi technology, meaning they have two transmit and two receive chains. Other than this, we really don’t know much about Microsoft’s new line of school-oriented laptops.


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