Lego Villains in a New Game


Comic book villains deserve their games too, right? Well, Lego has announced that they have a few games focused on Pixar’s DC and the Incredibles 2’s rosters of various villains, and the games are in development as we speak.

When the news of these exciting new games first broke the surface yesterday, people have heard from various sources that the news is fully accurate. Two separate games are set to make it to the big times, and both are expected to hit the shelves this year right alongside the release of the new Incredibles 2 movie during the summertime. There will also be physical Lego sets focused on the new Incredibles 2 movie around the same time as the new games and the move itself.

There have been sources extremely close to the studio that say the game will be covering the storyline from both Incredibles movies, and it might even have a few additions from various other Pixar movies as well.

Since this will be the first Lego video game to ever focus on a Pixar franchise, it will be popular. However, it is not the first Lego game to center around Disney characters or movies. Some of the earlier games include Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, and more.

TT Games, who makes these amazing Lego games, is set to also release a DC Comics tie-in game while will follow a Lego Batman trilogy. This game will take the place of a fourth Batman focused game from TT games. In the villains game set to come out this year, players can expect to see various characters from the DC world like Lex Luthor, from Superman, or the Joker, from Batman.

The publisher of these games, Warner Bros, failed to make any comment when asked about the new Lego games. It is possible that they are trying to keep the new games a secret before the big unveiling later this year. With so much hype about the villains from movies like Suicide Squad, it is safe to say that this new Lego villains game will go over well in the gamer universe.

Among other news surrounding Eurogamer, the big gamer company, the company has sadly announced that they will be canceling toys-to-life franchise, which has been so popular for years. The Lego Dimensions has received support from Eurogamer for two years, but they are breaking it off later this year.


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