Is a New Pokemon Game Coming to the Nintendo Switch?


You don’t have to have a subscription to ten gaming magazines to know that the Nintendo Switch is one of the fastest rising stars in the gaming world. The Switch rocketed through its first year, racking up numerous awards and vaunted titles while celebrating a record-setting sales pace. Now, fans are simply sitting put as they wait for Nintendo to unleash one of their hottest titles for the product: Pokemon. The team at Nintendo has always brought a high-quality Pokemon title to their consoles and the added bonus of the Switch being a console/mobile hybrid only has people more and more excited. Still, there is no announcement of a Pokemon title for the Switch yet, but that could be changing any minute now.

There have been rumors that Nintendo has been working on some kind of Pokemon title for the Switch, squashed between updates about ‘Detective Pikachu’, and it has only served to make fans perk their ears up more and more. What fans are starting to realize is simple: Nintendo needs to cash in on their monumental success with the Switch and that means a 2018 release is likely incoming. If a 2018 release is coming for a Pokemon/Switch collaboration then that means a teaser trailer of some sort is due to release any day now.

Earlier this week we saw the Nintendo Mini Direct in action. Fans were hoping that the announcement process would unveil a new Pokemon title, but that wasn’t the case. However, further research shows that Nintendo has never used their Mini Directs in order to announce massive titles, opting instead to give space to their smaller IP. The point of this conversation is simple: Nintendo would reserve a solo day to focus on the unveiling of a new Switch/Pokemon title, rather than cramming it into a list of lesser anticipated projects.

According to research done by a user on Reddit named Natzore, within 20 days of every Nintendo Direct Mini was a corresponding ‘standard’ Direct. This means that, simply put, if we are going to be getting a Pokemon/Switch announcement this year, it is likely to be coming within the next week or so — at least if the theory holds up. We are hoping that this holds up because the recently teased ‘Pokemon RPG’, which appeared as a question on an official Nintendo survey circulated through Brazil, has us all kinds of excited.


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