Google to begin selling its Cloud-computing Service


Several months ago, Google began using its artificial intelligence to create other artificial intelligent systems. The tech giant is now ready to sell the automated technology to other companies across the world. For the first time, Google unveiled its cloud-computing service on Wednesday. The system is said to have a computer vision system that will fit to the exact needs of the user. People who have little or no experience with the concepts that run service can be able to use it. Radiologists for instance can use CT scans to instinctively train the computer algorithm that identifies the signs breast cancer. Individuals with a real estate business can for instance build an algorithm on their website that is able to distinguish a bedroom from sitting room.

The overseer of Google’s cloud computing, Diane Greene says that one does not need earn a Ph. D in machine learning to be able to use the computer algorithm. She says that it is possible for an individual to come up with a machine learning model that is accurate. Google is part of the large internet companies that have in the recent days began depending on computer algorithms which have the capacity to learn on their own by simply analyzing large data. The machine learning tactics include the system that recognizes commands spoken into smartphone or even translates one language to another. Algorithms that learn how to create machine learning systems are also a perfect example. With this techniques, google is able to build systems that identify faces, landmarks, and other products on the photo. The algorithms are at times more accurate than products that have been created by engineers.

Tech giants such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon have recruited individuals who have an expertise in machine learning techniques. One study revealed that there are not more than 10,000 individuals across the world with the knowledge of exploring machine learning. Google is using its cloud-computing services to provide a way through which businesses can come up with new algorithms. The business can achieve this if they upload their images, list down the objects in the image and eventually train their own computer vison systems. For starters, Google intends to work with a small group of businesses to help it determine the prices. The Google cloud-computing requires that humans label the data before the system learns it. Once this happen, all other services will work without any human involvement.


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