Youtube Cutting Access Via Amazon Fire TV


Video-sharing giant Youtube has been in hot water lately after users raised issues with some of the site’s content. Link aggregate Reddit and other online forums have given rise to communities investigating a strange genre of Youtube videos that, while ostensibly targeted towards children, contain bizarre and gross-out content hardly suited to their family-friendly label. The scandal was severe enough that M&M Mars, Diageo, and several other advertisers pulled their support from the site’s content until the issue was cleaned up, impacting Youtube’s relationship with both companies. While Youtube is scrambling to clean up its content, the company recently issued an announcement that may damage yet another corporate relationship.

Once relegated strictly to acting as a retailer, online e-commerce site Amazon has grown to develop its own line of tech products ranging from simple computer hardware like usb cables to more advanced devices. Apart from its successful line of tablets and e-readers, Amazon Fire TV has proven to be one of the company’s best sellers. The modestly priced media device enables users to stream and enjoy audio, video, and even gaming content. However, Fire TV users are set to lose access to Youtube because of continuing disputes between Google, the video site’s parent company, and Amazon.

As of January 1st, 2018 users will no longer be able to access Youtube content via their Fire TV devices. Echo Show users are also set to face the same fate. According to a spokesman from Google, the search engine company has been “trying to reach agreement with Amazon” but the retailer is not cooperating. To date, Amazon still does not carry Google Home, Chromecast, and other Google hardware on their website. Furthermore, Google Cast users still cannot access Amazon’s coveted Prime Video service, a major competitor for Hulu and Netflix. In that sense, Google’s decision is merely a reflection for the treatment they have faced from Amazon.

While it’s certainly a loss for users, there is some hope to be gleaned from Google’s statement. Both companies will inevitably compete in some capacity given the overlap in the services they offer. Google is making significant headway into the world of e-commerce, an endeavour supported by their step into the world of manufacturing their own line of tech devices. Likewise, Amazon is challenging Google’s supremacy in the online advertising industry with Amazon Marketing Services. Still, Google’s spokesman stated he hoped both companies could one day find a means “to resolve these issues.”


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