“Will Giant Tech Firm’s Convince China’s Government Otherwise On It’s Internet Policies”


The controversy surrounding the policies adopted by the Chinese government is popular. Some stakeholders interpret the government’s policies as ruthless while others view them as smart. The Chinese government is well known for the strict control it has on the internet more so when it comes to foreign sites. It blocks some sites completely and heavily censor others.

Representatives of tech firms were present in an annual international internet get together in Wuzhen. Most firms had their representative at the meeting. However, a good percentage never wanted their presence to be acknowledged. A key idea in this year’s meeting is openness. However, representatives from the Chinese government were not open about the great firewall of China they have in place which keeps out Google, Twitter, and Facebook among other popular social media platforms. Journalists present at the event tried to ask questions about the firewall, but all the feedback they got from the representative’s present including the vice-minister for industry and IT was that there was no problem. A Chinese government minister at the event answered the journalist stating that the questions they were asking were important and they will consider their advice too. However, you know too well that all concerns about the firewall ended there, the Chinese government with do nothing.

It is amazing that even with the bad relationship that Chinese government has with various tech firms, they took their time to attend the event. No company can underestimate the potential that the Chinese market has. There is a popular saying that Facebook will get an additional billion users from one place. You cannot then wonder why Facebook is trying so much to get legally into China. The only thing that one can wonder is when that will happen. eBay’s chief product officer suggests more dialogue needs to take place. However, there is no doubt that China is important to the future of Facebook and other tech firms such as Twitter among others.

Most people do not know even with the perceived ruthless policies by the Chinese government; it is winning on the internet. The government is quickly adopting innovations that see the country moving towards a digital economy. You can see this clearly from the enormous investments that China is making in the running of the internet; they include cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and big data. Currently, China boasts of the fastest growing online market.


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