Verizon to Roll Out 5G Broadband in 2018


Verizon Wireless, the country’s largest mobile service provider, has announced plans to roll out 5G broadband next year. As explained by Android Headlines, the New York-based carrier will introduce a new fixed gigabit wireless service to roughly 30 million U.S. homes in the second half of 2018.

The successor to 4G, 5G is the fifth generation of the mobile network technology standard. It uses millimeter wave bands in the frequencies of 28, 38 and 60 GHz. While 5G technology is still in the development stage, it’s expected to boast faster speeds than 4G — much faster.

The Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) says the 5G standard should offer speeds in the tens of megabits per second for thousands of simultaneous users and 100 megabits per second for city users. That means you could download full-length HD movies in just seconds if you live in a metropolitan area. Furthermore, 5G offers coverage extending 20 or more floors high, making it ideal for use in commercial offices and tall buildings.

When speaking about the rollout, Verizon Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Matt Ellis explained 5G trail tests “exceeded” the company’s expectations. So, while 5G is still new and not fully developed, Verizon believes it can successfully offer the next-generation service as early as next year.

Not everyone is optimistic about Verizon’s plans to deliver 5G broadband access in 2018. When speaking to CNET, T-Mobile’s Neville Ray said it was “unrealistic.” According to Ray, the millimeter wave spectrum used for 5G has unresolved technical issues.

Of course, T-Mobile is also planning to offer 5G broadband service. Unlike Verizon, however, it wants to offer the service as a traditional cellular service. Verizon, on the other hand, wants to offer 5G as a fixed wireless service to replaced home internet connections.

Verizon is expected to begin its 5G rollout with Sacramento, California, after which it will expand into four other cities.


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