Twitter Unveils Thread For All


Tweetstorms are becoming more controllable, thanks to new Twitter developments. The platform has unveiled a new feature that will help tweet-stormers manage their longer tirades and allow users to choose whether or not to see multiple tweets at once. The new thread feature has been unveiled platform-wide and it will be interesting to see how users adopt threads and how they might adapt to them.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey regularly uses threads, as do other Twitter users. Threads allow authors to expand on their thoughts, tell riveting stories or update news under one headline. Now, instead of numbering tweets, users have the option to compose a lengthy tweet within a single composer screen. The screen provides users with an option to add a tweet. After typing in 280 characters, a user taps the “+” button and continues on to the next tweet in the series. Users can also add GIFs, video and other multi-media. Once the tweetstorm is composed, the user taps “tweet all.”

Here is where a Twitter thread could become problematic. Users expressed concern that their feeds would become flooded with tweetstorms. The developers designed threads to avoid this very problem. Up to two or three tweets will disperse at an interval, so as not to flood a feed. If the tweetstorm contains more than three tweets then the thread will be truncated and users will be given the option to read more.

From the composer side of the thread, there are a few helpful options. Tweets can be re-ordered and edited. Users can also continuously add to the thread, although threads are capped at a twenty-five tweet limit.

Twitter is rolling out threads to iOS, Android and web users. The company anticipates that threads will reach all users within a few days. Currently, Twitter has found that “hundreds of thousands” of threads already exist. Once the thread feature rolls out, the number of threads will likely increase.

Social media tech experts have noted Twitter’s ability to adopt user conventions. Hashtags, retweets and now threads are a natural extension of what Twitter users have already invented. How users will adapt their tweets to threads remains to be seen. But the ongoing social media platform evolution will undoubtedly continue.


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