LG Unveils Google-Powered Smart Speaker


On the heels of the upcoming Consumer Electronics (CES), LG has announced plans to launch a new Google Assistant smart speaker. Known as the ThinQ, it has an uncanny resemblance to the Amazon Echo, with a long and slender construction. Unlike its counterpart, though, LG’s smart speaker is expected to offer premium sound quality.

According to TechCrunch, the ThinQ uses Meridian Audio technology to produce crisp, clear sound that rivals the $399.99 Google Home Max. Furthermore, the ThinQ uses a lossless audio format, meaning uncompressed audio has the same quality as compressed audio.

While manufactured by LG, the ThinQ will use Google Assistant technology. So, if you’ve used Google Assistant, you’ll feel right at home using LG’s new smart speaker.

Unfortunately, LG isn’t offering much information on its new smart speaker. The Seoul-based tech giant says it plans to reveal the ThinQ’s full specs at the CES. Thankfully, that’s just around the corner. The CES 2018 will begin at 1:00 p.m. January 9 and end January 12.

If you’re familiar with LG’s long line of products, you may recall seeing the ThinQ brand. LG has actually been using the ThinQ brand for its refrigerators, washing machines and other appliances. However, this is the first smart speaker manufactured by LG.

Of course, smart speakers are a hot consumer product. According to a study conducted by Strategy Analytics, some 24 million smart speakers will ship in 2017. To put that number into perspective, that’s more than a 300 percent growth rate over 2016.

Smart Speakers like the Amazon Echo, Google Home and LG ThinQ offer more than just music playback. They feature voice-controlled virtual assistant technology and smart home integration. Consumers can use them to set timers, search the internet, make appointments, get updates on the weather and much more.

In addition to the ThinQ, LG has also announced several other consumer audio products, including a 500-watt soundbar and portable Bluetooth speakers. Given the strong demand for smart speakers, however, it’s safe to assume the ThinQ will be a highlight of the upcoming CES.


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